3AA to D adaptors

I see manafont have these and these, but no 3AA to D adaptors? Or did I miss them?

KD used to see them, but last time I tried to order they just sent a refund, so I guess they don't have them anymore.

The manafont look better built than the KD type.

Any ideas?

Hehe, I had a bit of a Google...



...and your ponit is? Yes I use more than one flashlight/torch forum.

Seeing as I found the other size adaptors on manafont I wondered if anyone had seen 3AA to D adaptors from the same supplier?

We aren't in Kansas any more Toto.

Hey...Remeber we're nice here, there was no intent to make any kind of dig.

I just thought it was funny that the only thing that seemed helpful when I googled was a post you had made :)

Sorry Piers, my mistake. I thought you were taking the piss.

These are the cheaper end of adaptors. When used in a 2D maglite they make a nice cheap search light.

Which one did you order Essexman? This one and when?

the price on some of these gave me a nose bleed

I bought a whole pile of the KD adapters. Pity they were only good to 1A. Then you get into silly money for fancy ones. I bought one of those too - and sold it.

I'd give you some but I sold them all as just about nothing I used ran less than an amp.

Hey Essexman , just curious , watcha' makin' ?

Still knotting I see ...

Cheers Don. The KD cheapo's can be soldered to achive a bit more than 1A, but yes they are poor. That's why I was asking about the ultrafire brand, wondered if they made a 3AA and if they were better made.

There seems to be a big gap in cost. Cheap as chips but not very good, or lots of money. Nothing in between.

Hiya Jack. I like using the 6AA in a 2D maglite set up. I've made a few multi emitter lights and single Cree XML running of a DX 4.5A driver.

Yep still knotting.....how's the snakes these days?Wink