3D Mag Mod

This is a bit of a redux from the first time I put this together in another mag. Some of you may have seen this on the other flashlight forum

The business end is the 5x R2 module from deal extreme( sku 35241).
It needed some machining on the lathe to get it to fit just right.

5 NiMh sub c’s in a plastic pipe

Since the 5 cells are a little bit longer I recessed the spring right to the bottom of the tailcap and also cut of 2 coils on each end that were wound the same diameter.

How low the spring sits.

Bubbles FTW !


That's a good solid mod, and was one of the first mods I ever did (2C host w/2x26650's). Although your blue one looks a lot better than the old beater I used as a host. I've been contemplating reworking the drop-in with a higher amperage driver. Not sure about your drop-in, but mine only delivers ~800ma to each emitter. I'd like to see a bit more, and loose the blinky modes of course...

There’s another flashlight forum? :wink:

There used to be...Tongue Out

Hows the run time on those Sub C NiMHs compared to using a bunch of eneloops. (if you know).

Was it FNF :star: or FF :star:

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Run time is about 70min, after that there is about 15 minutes of noticeably dimmer light. If I keep it on after that it starts to flicker and do crazy things.

After about 10 minutes the outside of the head hits 110 deg. as measured with my cheap harbor freight IR thermometer.


Welcome to BLF Gtamazing

It sure looks like you've been playing around with flashlights for a while and come out on top. Nice to see your work displayed here too. Gotta love a blue m@g :-)

I hope you have fun here, I know I do ;-)