3rd annual BLF Contest- Machine made triple nichia ( flashlight is FINISHED ) beamshot added

finally some work is done, this is going to be triple nichia on noctigon build with proper reflectors and with one piece body for better heat sinking, and it will be anodized in either red or olive green…here are the pics…(update september 24: the light is functional now, i hope tomorrow i will have time for some beamshots…stay tuned :smiley: (update september 29 : flashlight is FINISHED…


Subscribed. :smiley:

I see the photos now. looks like its going to be an awesome build.

Last minute build, get it on!! :)

No pictures?

Te pics are gone! NOOOOOOOOoooooooo

Looking good. That one piece design seems like it will pose lots of challenges. Best wishes on your build. :)

Looks like you and Steve are taking it out on some reflectors. Quad vs triple.

looks like a very robust light! awesome work.

Very nice. They look like 20mm reflectors. How did you cut the angles on them.

the cutting of reflectors will be tomorrow (the one in the picture was just a trial to get the “feel” for it) and it will be in machine vice with parallel prisms for height adjustment and 60 degree angle holding piece (i will post pics of it) and the rest of the body will be finished on CNC milling machine…

Aargh! I hate those little blue ?’s


What software are you using for design?

I wish I was there to watch this being made. I love the styling so far.

Anti roll, me like!

it is an old autocad…

actually there was a change of plans…i cut the reflectors on CNC… J)

I like that partly triangular head shape. It is more compact than leaving it round and it won’t roll off the table. It is also looking very neat.
Am I right that you used a mill, rather than the lathe with a four jaw chuck to make the offset round cuts for the reflectors?