3rd Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - People's Choice Award - Please vote now!

You can see the archived poll results on the Wayback Machine:


This year we will have also a special "People's Choice"-award! :)

Your task is to read through all the build threads and vote who will get that award. I have read them all, couple of times, and still can't decide the winner. We have so many great builds and entertaining stories. Contestants have performed very well!

To make it a bit harder for you, there are no categories in this award!

That's right. You will be voting for a single best build in the whole competition - and the winner will get K40t from hc-lights.fi

Voting starts now and ends after one week (= 7 days) 2015-10-16 23.59 (UTC).

Links to build threads:

Edit: Maybe a gallery of finished builds will help you decide? Thanks for the great idea DrafterDan!

Click pictures to check the build threads.









DB Custom:


Awfully nice of you to include people whose lights never got done. I don’t foresee any of us getting any votes, though. :shy:

You can remove my build from the list, it’s going to be done for the 2016 competition.

Great job to ALL of you who finished! You all did a great job.

This ones gonna be tough. In fact, I think I will have to resort to the dart board to make my choice.

First of all, thank you to everyone involved for putting out time and effort and taking the plunge.

In the machine made category I like them all but have a personal bias towards smaller lights so the Kralyevski triple is on the board along with Steve’s 4x4(if I ever got an SRK I’d want it like this), Dale needs to be on there for a magnificent first effort, and I can’t leave out vestureofblood even though I’m not a fan of that style it’s just too epic to leave out.

Hand made this year is ridiculous as there was no clear winner. Everyone showed incredible imagination, patience, meticulousness(?), skill, and determination. Lanceman showed how elegant simplicity can be, n10sivern how enough just isn’t as long as there’s time for more(for a first timer one for the ages), FMC also delved deep into uncharted waters to bring us something completely new, and alp88 with yet another of his isthataplywoodflashlight wonders.

This isn’t a bump but an acknowledgement that the now finished builds are deserving of a lot of careful consideration(also don’t have a dart board and need to visit the local pub to finalize my vote though I suppose a nail gun might do).

Whew! That was a tough decision to make. :weary:

Finally made my vote. :bigsmile:

So will the PCA be issued to a non winner selected by the BiAnnual Cabal of Judges? or can one of the winners from the BiAnnual Cabal of Judges also win the PCA?

humm What is more fair? To additionally award great work (one of the top two) or to award basicly third place as the (BACofJ) will already be selecting the two top winners (in essence first and second).

and who decides? the members, or the BACofJ?

beleive it or not I am not trying to cause trouble, :slight_smile: but the question did arise in my mind.

I think they are separate awards and could be doubled up on some lucky and skillful build. Supposedly the judges are looking at certain criteria where this is more which one do you like most.

I had trouble deciding between my favorite two. After casting my vote I’m glad to see that they are running #1 and #2 right now. Good luck guys!

I do not understand……. we are thousands of users! why so few votes :~ :frowning:

I hope it’s just because there are a lot of builds to read. Come on guys, the least we can do is acknowledge the outstanding work done by reading the threads and voting!


Please remember to vote before deadline! (and help keeping this thread on front page -> bump when needed..)

We want to see at least 200 votes!

I voted, thanks to all the contestants, this was a bumper crop of good light making. Even the ones that did not complete them!

Headed to a pub nearer home to make decision. Should be, hic, done by tomorrow night.

Voted, but boy was that hard. Congrats to everyone participating and thanks to the organizers and sponsors.

My vote has been cast. It was a tough choice. There were some great builds this year.

Congrats to everyone participating even the ones that did not complete them!

I would like to vote 3 persons but i voted only one! :_(

Can the contestants vote? - for another contestant that is, not themselves.

Also contestants are people. Well.. At least most of them.

You can vote if you are not an alien, zombie, or similar. ;)

I voted but it was difficult because each project was awsome! :bigsmile: