3rd Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest - People's Choice Award - Please vote now!

I’ve been trying ti decide fir the as 30 minutes, but i can’t!

Well, that sucked. They were all awesome, but one of them I would buy right now if it were for sale. Excellent job to all those who entered!

the one from Macedonia would make a cool BLF SE

Only 64 votes and less than 24h voting time left!

Please hurry up and remember to vote. Situation is very tight and every single vote counts! :)

Go 41935!

i almost couldn’t decide my vote… but i voted on the one that i thought pushed the limits on what’s possible the most.

Bump for a great contest. And keep in mind guys that you don’t have to read absolutely everything if time is a constraint. You can always scan or jump to the end and see the final projects of each one.

Just so you guys know this is separate from the judging done by the judges panel. We did have a set criteria to go by, with five categories/standards that we applied. You guys just get to look at some fantastic builds and pick your favorite! The decision is tough but it’s not that much work really and it’s a great honor to be the winner of the people’s choice!

Thanks to everyone, who has voted already for doing your “patriotic flashlight duty”. :wink:

Yup +1 on the GB

Cast my vote yesterday. It’s looking tight for the top spot. I

C’mon people: Vote!

Nicely said.

Everyone entry will get something, this your chance to help your favorite get something extra.

A nudge to get this back at the head of the line.


Hi everyone,

Some persons have contacted both me and Mr. Admin, saying that they are unable to vote.

We haven't been able to reproduce this problem with this poll, but Mr. Admin said that he has earlier heard of similar cases. Logging out from BLF and logging back will most probably help. You could try deleting your cookies too..

We are sorry for the inconvenience and would like to hear if you have issues with voting. PM me and/or Mr. Admin if you are not able to vote after trying the above mentioned tricks.

Because of this issue (and the low overall vote count), the judges have decided to extend the voting period with one more week => Voting will be active until 2015-10-16 23:59 (UTC)

Show your appreciation and vote! The contestants more than deserve that!

Bumpety bump!

I would expect that members here would cast a vote, since it's anonymous and since voting shows respect to the contestants.

I am surprised at the lack of voting, unless somehow people cannot vote, but still, there should be a bunch of votes here.

Of course, many may feel, as I did at first, that voting for one over the others might be a bad thing, for the ones who got few votes, so I could understand that, if it was the reason for not voting. I did end up voting though.

As far as I am concerned, every one who finished a build is special to the forum, for their courage, time and effort and the results, once again this year, were Fantastic!

I voted just fine, although I would highly suggest placing a photo of the finished product at the top of the first post!!!
There were like five people that I could not see the end result

I hesitated to vote… only one vote is like drinking only 1 beer…

deed has been done.

It was a difficult decision but I owed it to the modders to give them at least that much in return. As different as each of the builds were they were still very close in levels of interest and imagination. The one I picked is not one of those I would wish to own and even from among those it would be hard to make a choice. The nice thing about this award is not only do we get to pick the winner we also get to decide based on our own personal ranking system. I enjoy them all and try to make a point of posting in each of the threads often because at least for me that feedback is the fuel that helps me grind through the long process.

It’s time to give back to these guys, Vote!