3rd Annual BLF Scratch Made Light Contest


When you think (as a competitor), I get scared.

Best wishes, even though you don't need them, and I look forward to seeing you create again.

When I'm thinking and not sure what will work and not work I PM members here to help me. I'm looking forward to see the start.

Uh oh!

Good luck this year, Ervin.

Keen to see what you come up with! :beer:

Subscribing to see what you come up with. Good luck!

Subscribed to your thinking!

Really looking forward to what you design this year! Good luck with the build.

Whatever you come up with I look forward to reading your thread. I still chuckle recalling the herd of copper bits.

Tick, tick, tick…

Ervin must be related to me somehow, when I think I fall asleep…

Now that the contest is over I'm going through the builds. There is some really awesome stuff here! You guys are amazing!!