3W LED Flashlight $0.01 shipped after liking their facebook

swiped from slickdeals:

- 60 lumens output

- Water-resistant

  • Powered by a single 1.5V AA battery


It’s your choice if you want to use your own FB account, or hint hint… and they also accept Paypal.

Not sure if you want to trust the site. Whois information shows that it has been registered since 2004….


I've already ordered from them. 2 iPad cases and it took 9 days from HK to me here in Canada. i think they offer a discount code posted on cpf marketplace. cant remember what it is though.

i went through the order process and paypal redirected to an error on their page after check out

looks like I am out a whopping 0.01 LOL

Cnqualitygoods does that to me sometimes, the order goes through but I get an error code instead of an order number

Due to the unexpected overwhelming demand, we are temporarily taking this promotion offline so that current orders can be fulfilled promptly.

Once that is done, we will bring this promotion back again. Please stay tuned.

If your place order wasn’t showing up in your account, check again now and it should be there.

Thank you for your understanding.

———end quote———

Looks like a great coat light or gift for the nephew, guess I’ll check in later

they just emailed me an said processing order…estimated ship is dec 8 and 30 day shipping lol…. they offered me a shipping upgrade for 1.70$

i said no since thats 1700% of the light!

just saw a sale in home depot today for a cheap pen light for $2.33 and smiled knowing i got one like it for a penny

We’ve been running that promotion for two weeks now but on Friday afternoon literally thousands of orders rushed in, over a three-hour timeframe. That took us off guard and caused some problems in the orders database. We did a stress test before going live, but that was about half the scale of what happened on Friday.

As soon as we were alerted, we restored all orders that caught errors. The lights are going to be shipped today and tomorrow as well. A few persons were really upset about the ordering errors, but the good thing that came out is that our systems are now tested for even bigger promos :).

The $1.70 e-mail was sent because we were worried people didn’t read the shipping methods during checkout. Some people on SD say they expect standard airmail orders to deliver in 10 days. That’s almost impossible during the holiday season.

At $1.70, minus $0.30+ charged by PayPal, we actually lose on each upgrade. So it’s entire an act of good faith. :slight_smile: