3x 18650 Soda Can Flashlights

Hey there,

so actually im searching for good Soda Can Flashlights with 3x 18650 Body. Not that easy because i have some things i want the lights to have.

- Anduril

- 3x 18650 Body

- 5000k Color maximum 5700k

  • should work with protected 15A Imalent 18650 ( 6,9cm height )

actually im using Haikelite HK04 with 4x xhp50.2, its nearly a perfect light just a little to long its 14cm instead of maybe 12 but the biggest tradeoff is the 6500k. It is not possible to get them with 5000k since Haikelite dont sell them with 5000k LEDs so far.

so far i had an eye on ROT66 gen2 but the Customer Service from FF-light is awful and i read alot about quality Problems from Fireflies. The last thing is, it seems the protected 18650 from Imalent ( 6,9cm ) maybe dont fit. I’ve read something that the batteries shouldnt be more then 6,8cm.

i checked the Manker36, nice one but no Anduril and then there is the Emisar D18. This should be the right one. Is there anything next to them i missed?



SP36 Pro? (has 5k and 6.5k option on Sofirnlight.com site)

Try an Emisar D18, probably the best mix of quality, performance and, price.

oh okay SP36 Pro was not on my list. Maybe i just order it and compare it to the Haikelite.

Is there anything else?

i still think the Emisar could be the killer compared to the others.

Doesn’t fit all the criteria, but you can check this:
YLP Gryphon 180

Reviewed here with lots of info:

Doesn’t matter, thanks for the suggestion.

Looks really nice. But 3200 lumen with 228 throw is nothing i would use. It is not bright enough for a flooder. As a thrower 3200 Lumen, can be enough but its only 228m. Anyway ill check the reviews :slight_smile: