3x XML which one?

There are now coming through a few 3x xml lights that take 3 x 18650 batts in a carousel. I would require it to last 90 mins on high if possible. Anyone have any of these and say why they like their particular one

Iwould go for the dry in that configuration, a lot pf bang for the buck;)

+1 on the DRY

For the money and in that configuration I have to agree with the DRY. Nothing even comes close without spending 3 times the $$$. I am still eagerly awaiting mine which is supposed to be shipped today.

Johnnymac......which version have you gone for and which supplier did you used.....thanks

I got the cold white with the step down turbo circuit. I got it from cnqualitygoods.com during the group buy. Paid only $65 shipped.

here are the 3 leds. all of them are xml leds. powered by 3 and 4 *18650.




Can you put the protected cells in the DRY light.....if so which do you reccommend?

trustfire 3000mah best bang for your buck! I used 3 small washers to extend my battery holder to fix protected cells better.

Can you post a pic of your modded holder?

Works perfect and my caliper shows I have an extra 1.1mm of space, trustfire flames fit nicely now.

Thanks for the pic. You are using 3mm washers?

I just used some that I had laying around. thickness wise I think they measured around 1.0 - 1.2mm , I guess they would be 3mm around.

The general consensus seems to be the DRY.

I have a TK70, but mostly because I liked its really high throw and form factor. I also prefer the D batteries (rechargable) over 18650s.

This light with a ring to select brightness might also be a good light:

for the time being I have ordered more batteries for my Skyray 3x XML. I have gone for the Trustfire 3000mah so should remain on in the high mode for longer. I will resume the lights with 3x18650 batts when I have done more research.....Think maybe the DRY is winning!!

I don't like the looks of the DRY so I skipped the group buy but I just ordered the Ultrafire UF-T70


I also have the Skyray 818 and I very much like the output but I like the compact size of the UF-T70 and I think it has a better build quality.

TR-3T6 mines still going strong