3xT6, TR-3T6, or STL-V2??

I am looking for a nice thrower, and need help on deciding. I have been looking at the 3xT6, TR-3T6, STL-V2 and the UF-980L. I like the smaller design of the UF-980L (and its cheaper price :)), but I dont like the fact that its over driven. I really love the Sky Ray 3xT6 for its crazy output :D, but I am afraid it wont throw as far as I want it to. I would like to see beam shots of the TrustFire TR-3T6 and the STL-V2 but I am also looking for any input. I am new to the drug.... and need more light!! Thanks!

I guess it would depend on your exact definition of "nice thrower". Personally I would not consider any of those a thower. Not to say the 3XML lights dont put out some nice light though. If your wanting a pure thrower I would look for something XR-E based.

The 'big head' <50mm reflector single emitter may be best....like the STL-V2 or the Trustfire X9 http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/trustfire-x9-xml-t6-white-led-flashlight-gray-118650-p-7293

The STL-V2 beamshots show it's no slouch in the throw stakes https://budgetlightforum.com/t/-/2903

maybe u can have a look at TrustFire TR-3T6 or Sky Ray STL-V2

i hope the info can help u,cool

Fandyfire STL-V6 is identical to Sky Ray STL-V2 except the price. Fandy is $46 and change @ DX.

the TR-3T6 is a awsome light but not a thrower the 3 x XM-L lights have small reflectors they have massive spill with little throw, my TR-1200 has 3 times the throw of my TR-3T6 if your intrested in the TR-3T6 i made a small thread here


or if you want a realy well built torch thats realy nice with good throw and spill with very nice tint with two modes high and low and no silly strobe or sos modes the Jetbeam BC40 is worth a look.

im waiting on these lights to get here to try out this one is ment to do a pencil beam with no spill to 400 to 500 meters TrustFire USA168 and this one it should throw a good couple hundred meters Trustfire C8 Stainless Steel Head XM-L T6 with some decent spill, but ill have to wait till they get here to try out.

just my opinion i would chose the Trustfire TR-3T6 3 x 18650 or the Trustfire TR-3T6 2 x 18650 over any of the sky ray 3800 4000 and 4300 but none will throw past 150 meters and cause they put out a wall of light its hard to see past it if that makes sense, the way they are built they just dont realy throw.

the TK70 3 x Xm-l will throw cause the head is bigger and the reflectors are deeper and wider but cheak out the price.

i should of mentioned the TR-1200 is a 300 + yard thrower but with good spill with the option of running 2 or 3 18650 batteries not sure if 300 yards is a thrower to you and if 34 bucks is in budget

there is a small thread here


cd520 mentioned that none of those are throwers. Actually the STL-V2 is a thrower, it is just a wee wee bit weaker in hotspot intensity at a 400m target compared to the Solarforce MPP-1, it is also way brighter in lumens so it's actually somewhat more useful. (bigger hotspot etc)

If you want some numbers, i'd put that the MPP-1 relatively has 10% higher in lux at a particular distance compared to the STL-V2. 10% is not a lot and is only visible in direct A-B comparisons.

well ive been telling people the TR-3T6 has a throw of around 150 meters as its been hard to do beam shots and test the range of the light in the forrest as the wall of light it put,s out, but last weekend when we whent camping it made me think it had more throw the i have said, so we took it over to my old man,s who lives on a cattle farm to do some measured range testing with some other lights and i was blown away.

my actual measured range test

we test my TR-3T6 3 x 18650 on two trustfire flame batteries with a caip cap current draw reading of 2.7 amp's

250 meters (273 yards or 820 feet) of good usible throw with massive spill and i mean massive spill it basicly lit up the whole feild during the test.

300 meters (328 yards or 984 feet) of throw.

i was blown away by this i has under estimated the throw of this light due to the size of the reflectors and them being xm-l,s but xm-l,s seam to throw dam well also.

3 x T6 is old news check this out

TrustFire TR-J12 Cree XM-L T6 5-LED 4500-Lumen 5-Mode Memory Flashlight - Black Aluminum Alloy Finish (3 x 26650/3 x 18650)

ive got one comming i can not wait.