4.3v charger

Is there any cheap charger that can charge up to 4.3v ?

A hobby charger that can do it will also work.
Do anybody know if a firmware hack exists for Imax B6 or Accucell 6 so you can configure the cutoff voltage ?

I don’t own one but from what I have read the icharger can do 4.3v. Not cheap though.
The i4 maybe a choice with its high cut off voltage. Member garybunk has one that charges around 4.3v.

Most hobbychargers should be able to do 4.3V, take a look at the specs or datasheet of a charger you like and you should know. Or get a Cottonpicker:


No firmware hack/update on the hobby chargers, but if you’re lucky enough to have the ones that can calibrate the voltage, you can shift it up to +0.03~0.04 volts up. You might be able to cram some more mAh into the cells.

Dude, why would you want to charge cells to 4.3V? If you don’t know, you’ll drastically be reducing the useful lifetime of the cell. I’d guess, you’ll end up with <<100 cycles.

There are higher capacity cells that need 4.30V or 4.35V charging voltage for a full charge.

Thanks for the answers.

I found an opensource project to implement imax b6 firmware but it looks like it is in early stages.


That would be really nice if we have an opensource firmware for Imax B6 and clones.

FastTech has added a 4.35v charger. Not sure if its any good though.


Looks interesting. You gave me a simple idea:
I have some cheap tl431 based chargers so I’ll just adjust the voltage to be 4.3v.

Without doing any test I can already see one problem: There is no marking on the top saying 4.35 volt.

It need something in large letters.

That is not the top, but the bottom.

On a charger that will damage most of my LiIon I want a very visible warning.