4-days-off- Woo-Hoooo !!

We get Memorial day off (Mon) and I’m taking Tues off too —W00T — Anybody else taking a vacation day ? :]

I’m off. This and a trip to the coast in June will be about it for the summer though. Am currently listening to these storms crackle and light up the sky. I love storms.

I had to work today, although I get paid extra for the holiday. That’s ok tho-
I’ll work 3 more days and get a week off.

I’m in the hospital for my broken back, does that count as time off?

I’d say that kinda sucks… unless they are going to make you feel a lot better.

Dude when you sent me texts saying your back hurt I didn’t exactly equate that to you having broken it! Feel better.

…and how exactly did you break your back??