4 lockback folding knives - GONE - All Done

I will try Craigslist - Thanks for looking - Knives are not for sale now.

I have 4 lockback folding knives for sale. These are knife blanks I bought from ebay. They are supposed to be 440c steel, made for Wrangler in Italy. I bought several of these blanks a while ago. The blanks were ok quality, not fancy, not expensive, not as cheap feeling as Chinese made, but not as tight as an expensive knife either.

I put the handles on them myself, from scales I had at home. All four are different wood and hand made. I do all this by hand, no power tools. Just Files, sandpaper, steel wool, etc. The finish is epoxy then a clearcoat on top and 0000 steel wool. There is some Turquoise inlay on a couple of them. The knives measure 41/4" closed, 73/4" open and the full blade measures 31/4" with 25/8" of it sharpened and 1/4" thick.

Since these are hand made, they will not be as precise as factory made. They are each individual and I put some love in 'em, but they may not be good for someone expecting a factory made knife.

The price is $23.50@ $15.00@ and shipping is included. Either first class or parcel post mail, CONTINENTAL USA ONLY Please. If you want to buy one and you are from another country, the shipping would not be worth the knife (I believe), unless you can convince me otherwise.

Payment is PayPal Only. PayPal ID: valleau@suddenlink.net My wife & I have been eBayers for years (ebay ID: "chrissy"), with 100% positive feedback, for what that's worth.

First come, First Served. Make a post stating which one you want and mark PayPal sent and PM me so I know you have taken one. I will ship on the next business day after recieving payment.

Here's the Photos and each one is marked with Knife 1,2,3,4. Just pick out which one you want and Post it in in this thread in your PayPal sent post. Example: I want Knife #1, PayPal sent, PM sent.

Look & ask questions, because once you buy it, it's yours.

#2 Knife is Now SOLD!

The bolsters are solid BRASS, but they look like stainless in the photos. It's just my poor photography. They are brass bolsters.

Very nice-looking work. Price seems very fair as well.

nice knives, good handle to knife ratio and nice woodwork.

One more try before I take 'em off the list.

Paypal sent

Payment Sent (Unique Transaction ID # 3MC28687UE465123Y)

stevetexas - your package ships Monday AM. Thanks


I will try locally or give the other 3 away. Thanks for looking.

Heck, if i had known that you were gonna give them away I would have asked for 2.

(just kidding)

I am a knife accumulator. I have over 200. On Knife Forums and Blade Forums there is a Knife Expert named Bernard Levine. He knows all there is to know about knife collecting.

He told me that he hates, low bred, worthless, pieces of crap like me who buy knives and then sharpen them and USE them.

I asked him about a SykesFairbairn knife that my Dad got during WWII. I told him that it was used and that I used it again in E Africa in the 70's.

He told me that it was worthless because real collectors only want knives that have never been sharpened and used.

Good thing that he is far away from me.