4-Pack 3400mAh Panasonic NCR18650B $17.60 or Less + FS


Use code SDBattery. Sign up for a new account to get 100 EB points and apply them at checkout to bring it down to $15.55.

2 pack is $8.84 http://www.everbuying.net/product926565.html

Thank You, the final price is 12.79, the best price that could I find for 4xNCR18650B

How did you get it so cheap?

Is working right now, with this item http://www.everbuying.net/product926571.html, use code SDBattery. Only 1 code per order, but you can buy several orders.

placed an order for 4
€9.97 or $10,59well, now that is a very nice price!

What is the track record for everbuying.com? I had no knowledge of everbuying.com. Certainly a low price, but will they be genuine? It's a pretty picture but it is only a picture.

I believe they are corporately intertwined with gearbest

I think the same, they have similar items and almost the same price (a little higher that Gearbest), for example both have the Samsung 25R and LG HE4. I have good experience with gearbest, but is my first time with everbuying.

OK. a gearbest clone… my experiences with gearbest have been okay.

I see 12.79$ for 4 cells with the coupon from OP…? 1$ off with the newsletter and still one dollar difference?

SDBattery coupon brings price to $12.79. Get 100 EB points for registering, 10 points for verifying email. 110 points = $2.20 discount. $12.79- $2.20 = $10.59.

In all, very good deal. Thanks for the heads up!

I ordered 4 last week with a different discount & got them for $15 dollars which is $3.75 a cell which I thought was very good.
I have just ordered another 4 with the SDBattery code & got them for $12.72 or $3.18 a cell :slight_smile:
BTW I am converting from £GBP to $dollars so $12.79 is probably correct for you but still very cheap at $3.20 a cell.
Just have to wait for them to arrive via the slow boat from China, which as I am not desperate for them is not a problem.
My local supplier (via ebay) charges about $12 a cell for these, so it is a very good deal for me.

I ordered 2 from Everbuying and they gave me 20% off ( first time Buyer maybe?) so it was less than $7 for two.

I paid extra $2 for tracking but got two tracking/order has been shipped notices one week apart with different numbers and Shippers.

Great Deal though.

Are these Panasonics even better than my
Redilast 2900 Mah ?

Here is a link to HJK”s comaprison of the 2 cells http://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/Common18650comparator.php
If you click on where it says “see test/review you will get the full review for each cell.
The only thing to be aware of is that the Panasonic is 70.30mm long, which is long for an 18650, so you need to make sure it will fit.

Dang forgot to email verify but paid $10.79. Smoking deal if they are real.

Thanks- that is long- my Redilast is 68.5mm and it is tight in my Charger and in my few lights .

Might have to do a “trim the spring mod”

My UV light has no spring .

For future reference are there Panasonic 3100Mah which are a bit shorter?

The unprotected version of the Panasonic 3400 mah is 65mm long but it is also a proper flat top (the protected is a button top which along with the protection is why it is so long) so don”t know if it will work in series without a spacer (magnet) ?

A slight up bend on the positive terminal at the three openings works on most Panasonic unprotected cells, the metal is thin. Works for me.

Only my black Convoy C8 does not accept these.
The Thorfire S50 barely
For the rest they fit all mine (I have 8 in use)
Paid around $25 for each set of 4 so could not pass this deal

Are you sure you paid $25 a set of 4 ?
I paid $27 for 8, 4 for $15 & 4 for $12.
Ah, just realised that you meant that you had previously paid $25 which is why this deal was so good ?
I didn”t even really need the last 4 I bought but at the price I couldn”t turn them down.
Luckily I also have a charger (Liitokala Lii-500) that accepts up to 71mm so charging isn”t a problem either.
I have been lucky with cell deals recently as I just ordered 2 x 26650”s for $5.70 each including delivery & the seller emailed me to say he had included a 3rd cell FOC :slight_smile: