4 Sub-C NiMh (4.8v) with Nanjg 1.4A 3 Mode Driver?

I was planning on building a mod with 3 NiMh C cells and the Nanjg 1.4A 3 mode driver from Shiningbeam and an XP-G emitter. I am now starting to consider 4 Sub-C NiMh cells with the same driver. The Sub-C cells have the same capacity as the C cells (5000mAh) and I believe I can cram 4 of the Sub C's into my host (barely).

My question is, will this setup with 4 Sub C's give me much increased runtime over 3 NiMh C cells? How much more runtime could I expect?


I've never used Sub-Cs but having a capacity of 5000mAh seems very... uh... optimistic. :p I don't think the run times would be any better. With the higher battery voltage, the output may stay regulated longer, but with only a 1.4A load I think the voltage will remain high enough that a considerable amount of power will have to be burned off by the driver. If this was a high amp triple XM-L build the story would be different. Since you are concerned with runtime, the 3 C cells would be the better choice IMO.

No! AMC 7135 Drivers really work best with 3xNiMh or a single LiIon - anything else and you are compromising efficiency and will get excessive heat build up (in the driver, which won't be as well heatsunk as the LED itself)

Ok, so I'm best to go back to the 3 C cells. These Tenergy's are the Sub-C's I was looking at by the way. I was wondering what happened with the extra voltage in this scenario.


Stick with 3 cells for this... the current will be low enough. If it were 3 XML's, that'd be different and you'd need 4, but not with one XPG.


Yeah, I figured current wasn't a problem, but I was really hoping to increase runtime.