40% efficient incandescent bulb

They say they can make it 4 times more efficient than an LED bulb… yeah, right…

Too slow TP

I have some advice for you young whippersnappers. The bulb will work but still has the limitations of the old bulbs. The life of a bulb run at a different voltage is proportional to the 13th power of the voltage ratios. Say a 6 volt 25 hour halogen run at 12 volts will have a life of 11 seconds. This is reasonable. I had a bicycle generator that put out 6 volts at 10 mph and 12 volts at 20 mph. A new bulb would blow from a single run down a bridge. You may want to consider a regular voltage regulator for these bulbs. If you have an old radio shack catalog it show some unusual behavior for low voltage bulbs. You would think a 3 cell light puts out 50 percent more light than a 2 cell light at the same amps. However it turns out it puts out twice the light. It’s like it takes 1.2 volts to get the light process started. I recommend a higher voltage for your flashlight. Say 2 lithium cells. at the photo lab we had 10 inch magnifiers with both fluorescent and incandescent bulbs for the inspectors. Plus there is the problem of taking a photo when an LED turns on and off 1000 times a second. You get over and under exposed frames in a video. I will be buying the new bulbs when they become available. I stopped reading consumer reports the time they tested the life span of light bulbs. I understood the math and at the time considered it to complicated to ’splain it to their scientists. A filament is coiled supercoiled. It is difficult to cut them all the same length. A longer filament has a longer life but produces less light. There is no right or wrong there.