4000 lm flashlights


Can you please list all available 4000 lm 18650 flashlights?
Which is the cheapest?

Thank you

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Are you looking for 4000 lumen and up, or just the lights that are around 4000 lumen?

4000 lm and up :slight_smile:

List?? It would be best for you to do a little forum browsing because there are a lot of lights out there that are 4,000 lumens and higher. A lot of them are modded rather than stock lights.

I’m searching for stock lights with real lumens, no **fire versions with unrealistics lumens.

Just to give you some idea.
Prices are in Singapore $ though, not US$

Nitecore TM16, pm me for awesome price.

^ doesn’t get any better value than the TM16. Lightweight, manages the heat very well, and pumps out the lumens. Get a good set of cells to go with it.

Got to put in a plug for the Noctigon Meteor M43.

Incredible, especially because of the size…


Yep, Meteor all the way. High quality parts too.

The Option 2 Mod produces 4K lumens:

Unfortunately, Richard is catching up on other work and isn’t doing the Mod 2’s at the current time.

Mod 1, 3K lumens, is still available.

Thank you for your answers.
Now I know something new.

Before you buy any lights, read some reviews, and check their runtime graphs. Most start in turbo mode with lots of lumens, but they drop after about 3 minutes

See for example the mm18, which drops from 5000 to 1500 lumens in a very short time.

Some lights will start at 3000lumens and drop only slightly, so for longer use I'd go with one of those.

If you will have to decide between these lights:

Nitecore TM16
Niwalker Nova MM18
Acebeam K60

what will you buy?

I can get all these FL for almost the same price, only K60 is a little bit more expensive.

Thank you

You can add Fenix TK75 v2015 in your shortlist as well.
There are many reviews online of the lights that you’ve listed.

I’m using Nitecore TM16 btw. To me a good compromise of flood and throw.
And can also be had with sizeable discount if you just PM some of the members here like dazed1, md4 m4x, freeme, etc for their discount codes.

Just a quick reminder about the usage of discount codes and negotiated deals:

I’m really sorry i didn’t read the rules i admit, wont happen again!