[4K Review] Astrolux FTO3 - Crazy value!!!

The MF04 has a little brother…

Great video and fantastic selection of music, as usual! :+1: :beer:
Do you have a track list of the music you used here? I only found “Shi Ki” in those comments on youtube.

Thank you!

Great review, thanks!

Great review as usual. This light was half the price of the ft02 and way superior. At this price every collector and enthusiast should have one.

Great video and review.
Beautiful country as well, love the shot of the train going by at night.

Can’t wait for FT03 to arrive here, they sent tracking but it just says “pre shipment, label created”


There was a time Yorkshire was beautiful, now it’s all relief roads, strip malls and affordable homes. Heroin and multiculture has replaced close-knit mining and mill communities.

Every song is off the Shi-ki soundtrack.

Thanks,great video,good job! Very creative and informative! :+1:

I still do not get this other than the fact that it depends on who measures and how they measure.

Several members did NOT get any additional output from 30T/40T compared to Shockli. I HAD Molicel P42A which has similar amp draw as 30T. When I saw their numbers I returned the batteries!

Your test: ALL ANSI numbers


Shockli 26650=1814L

Amps Plus 18650=1895L


I was expecting them to get numbers like yours!

I guess if Tom E. and some of the others get numbers like yours, I will just buy the P42A’S again,this time not on sale! :person_facepalming:

Oh man, you’re good at making these movies. Even if you’d made a review of a regular nail, I’d watch it to the very end holding my breath.
Chapeau bas!

Was your sample CW or NW?

Thank you for the nice review Flashaholics :slight_smile: :+1:

I made a poll to gauge interest in a Stainless Steel Bezel for the Astrolux FT03 here

Please vote!

It was NW but tbh it looks CW to my eyes.