[4K Review] Astrolux FTO3S SBT-90.2 (FT03S vs FT03) More Muggle blues...

After my last 2 Anduril lights seemed Muggle mode bug free I was sad to see the Gremlins return on the FT03S.
The annoying and perpetual Muggle mode glitching aside is the FT03S really worth $80 more than the FT03, I put the FT03S up aginst the FT03 50.2 to find out!!!


Awesome video


I am pretty impressed with both I think I may just have to buy both that 50.2 looks very practical. Thanks for the great vid.

For some reason mine does not have a tight center spot. It has a darker halo like ring within the hot spot like it is not focused properly…disappointed. Any ideas what the issue might be? I thought maybe the led might not be centered, but it looks like it is. No such issues with the sst40 or the 50.2 versions.

so it seems like the ft03 is actually better than sp70? and its cheaper too