[4K Review] Astrolux MF01S - The most fun pop can light?

Ewww I had to Google what a docker was :slight_smile:

So this will be my 6th anduril with lightning.

Waiting for MF01S.

Can’t wait for the storm. You know when the D-18 “cracks”. It should be a spectacular light show!

I don't think it's legal in public places etc, but legal to use in your own home and legal to grow etc. Still get a wiff of it now and then on Friday evenings around town. Never liked the smell myself.

i used some GITD tape to fancy my 5000k Hulk ;)


I have a MF-01 which is modded by GeorgeKok and now has 85000cd CW throw.
If I buy one of the new version,how much benefit I will have?

Do you know please,if the switch of this new light, is the same as the older mf01? I say this,because having the older light,I don’t like the switch which it has.

@Theodore41, you will get more throw, and slightly better tint, along with a better more responsive switch.

Thank you very much BlueSwordM.

My MF01S voltage reading is considerably off when testing with the 3 click method and getting a read out, but the aux lights seem much closer to being accurate. If the aux lights are closer to being accurate, would that mean the LVP would step in at the right time or is the software using the other method to determine when the lvp should kick in?

I bought this,“BARSKA Accu Grip Handheld Tripod System”, from Amazon to use it with the MF01S,but the diameters are not the same.The light’s is bigger,while the MF01 has exactly the same diameter with the BARSKA,as it has a inner ss “bezel”.
Is it possible to fit the BARSKA to the MF01S?

Little late, but... The SW is using the same method as the 3 click reading, unfortunately. I modded Anduril to have a configuration UI to calibrate the voltage reading, so every Anduril light can be tweaked to be dead on or close. It's set in 0.05V increments.

My FT03S reads about 0.1v too high. Does it need to be reflashed to fix this?

Well, with my version, yes, because you can change it via the UI. But having the source code of standard Anduril and ability to build it, you can change the voltage "fudge factor" to correct it.

Thanks for the reply! Ok, I will read the Anduril manual tonight and see if I can figure out how to calibrate it then.

Oops, no, I'm the only one right now who has that updated version of Anduril. Still been testing, probably other tweaks.

Just came back to ask you that very question in case I misunderstood! All clear now thanks. Looking forward if you ever release that new version with the tweaks as I never flashed a light before and need to learn how sooner or later.