[4K Review] IMALENT MS03W 5000K - World's Brightest EDC perfected?

IMALENT sent me the MS03W to review claiming the MS03 Turbo issue has been resolved, personally testing it before posting it out, how did it fare? Does the MS03W get closer to 13000 lumens?


3rd times the …. strike out? :smiley:

They might want to send the MS06 to just Charles Bridgtec…

I tried to bite my tongue but couldn’t help to at least predict what the final verdict will sound like:
“Wow…amazing quality…superbright…hats off to Imalent.“ :smiley:

I think i’ll wait with the MS06 :wink:

Both of my two MS03 cw work great after clean up the glue from the contact points. The fix was easy, even though the issue should have been detected before release. Again, thank you for your detailed video review. Everyone agrees that this light is much closer to 10,000 lumens at turn on, not 13000 lumens, so I am only anticipating 19000 lumens, not 25000 lumens from the MS06. Soon, I will find out.

Excellent machining and knurling, pretty flashing red light, let’s see how it does… in the….

haha why ? so he will read by his usual script saying same words only positive nothing ever is negative ………


In the wildernisss :wink: LoL