(4K) Supfire L3 Zoomie Review - terrible flashlight

This thing is something I hated reviewing, the regulation is horrible and the PWM is super bad making me feel sick after just 10 minutes. The store that sent it to me is not going to be so fond of that review. Probably hoped I’d be like many out there who don’t run tests and give it praise because it looks bright.

I’m throwing this in the rubbish as it’s unusable for me and not worth the effort modding

i like honest reviews, there can’t be enough honest reviews.

Finally someone who does not mince words and simply tells the truth! Your review should be seen by all the reviewers who know how to sing only praise and cannot find even a fault even if this makes the flashlight unusable, in particular I could pay more attention to the runtime of the flashlights because for me it is a fundamental parameter if you do constant and continuous use as in search and rescue.

Thanks for your honesty Funtastic.