(4K) Vezerlezer ED10 Review, EDC, USB C, 2200 Lumens

Thank you very much! It’s always a delight to watch your reviews. They are well done and the landscape is just beautiful! The runtime graphs you provide are highly appreciated and invaluable to make a decision about whether to buy a given flashlight or not.

Can’t wait for you to review the new Convoy M21F! :innocent:
A review of Convoy’s venerable M21B would be great, too. Since they are both very similar in size, it would be awesome to see a side-by-side comparison just like the one you provided about the Convoy M21E vs Sofirn IF22A.

Thank you.

Sorry to say, but I won’t be reviewing the M21F since it’s too similar and heaps of other brands to review. One review takes at least 40 hrs with editing

Thank you Funtastic. Again a wonderful review.