4xAA Battery Carrier now at CNQG (Near Fit into Maglites)

I just noticed that CNQG has 4AA battery carriers (series) for $0.99/each if anyone is interested (also at Fancy Flashlights). The carrier is identical to the one that came in my Home Depot 50LED Defiant light (see my photo album of it here).

These carriers are darn close to fitting into a Maglite (very slight boring needed):

Old Lumens - I thought of you when I spotted these!


This adapter connects the batteries in series, NOT in parallel.

If you have a Fenix TK50 (2xD) for example, you cannot use it.

The only adapter that connects more than two batteries in parallel (output 1.5v) is sold by battery junction -and is rather expensive.


But the connections can be corrected rather easily to give parallel. See dthrckt's review of the KD 3AA -> 1D carrier.

Thanks garrybunk! The conversion into parallel seems easy!

I will order some for my D lights including my Fenix TK50, and post the results.

I posted a thread on these a couple days ago. I’ve been at RIC to get some for a while now. I will be using them in my 1D maglite builds this year, after modding them to copper contacts. Thanky Garry

You know I almost did a search before posting, but figured "nah, no one would have posted these!" Ooops!


No Ooops at all.
I meant thanks for thinking of me, when you found them. Much appreciated!

@garry: Have you measured the diameter of your batteries? I have a similar carrier and it wont fit with Eneloops, but with cells as small as 14mm, it slides right in.

I've only tried the carrier with the included Defiant batteries and I don't own any eneloops (yet). Are you saying Eneloops won't fit into the carrier or that the carrier with eneloops in it won't then fit into a particular flashlight? I'm assuming the first option. I'll try to remember to measure my batteries.


No, second option. My Eneloops have a diameter of 14.2mm. If I put them in the carrier, it doesnt fit my Maglite. If I put in smaller cells, it slides in. :)

Ok NightCrawl, I measured my cells. The original Defiant alkalines are the smallest I have at 14.10mm and if I push them in toward the center of the carrier they will barely slide into my 2D maglite (would need pushed back out from the front somehow to get them out though). My Energizer 2300mAh's measure 14.35mm, my Sanyo 2700mAh's measure 14.45, and my cheapie Harbor Freight 2000mAh's (manufacturer rated) measure 14.40mm. The carrier by itself (empty) slides right in! I guess if the inside of the carrier could be trimmed somehow to allow the cells to move inside more than it would work well without any boring to the light body.


it’s worth trying to trim the carrier, but in an old 4AA 5mm LED light I have it didn’t work. With alkalines, the holder slides right in. With any of my rechargeables it doesn’t, even after I trimmed the holder to a shadow of its former self. Bit of a pain but a useful home for old alkalines.