4xAA or 3xAA light for camping

I have realized just now that he wants for Christmas. I always read the posts very fast :stuck_out_tongue:

Any member here can click on the link:


and view you’re a schill that has no reviews. What one might call a review mentions DX at some point in the thread. As you wrote in the last OP, “It seems that we have a “long” light as a “new arrival” at DX”: wtf kinda review is this… a “sticky” :open_mouth:

Some of the recent DECEMBER best were this thread here where you’re talking to yourself, and here where you and DX official (http://budgetlightforum.com/user/4551/cmf) were fundamentally the sole posters.

With 1900+ posts, how you’ve scooted under the radar is beyond me. (has BLF been one big front for DX all along… anyway, you’re losing it to aliex and fasteck and ebay) Maybe I’ll start a forum, too…

OK, so you continue saying that I have no reviews here.

OK, so you continue saying that I only post a lot of threads about DX products, new arrivals, posting threads where DX Official post.

So your conclusion is that I am a DX shiller, so I am a person paid by DX to promote their shop and their bussines. So you say that my post are garbage, that my posts are SPAM.

Is not what you are trying to say?

Then, I have nothing to say. You have said it all.


I have used the Jetbeam PA40 for camping many times, it also goes with me on every trip.If I had to choose just one light to keep(the horror!) it would be the PA40.You should by two, cause your not gonna wan’t to give it away!The only other light that gets more use(cause it’s my EDC light) is my Shiningbeam S-mini with Xpg emmiter, but that is a 18650 light not AA.

Thanks for the graph! Ive been looking for a light to get my parent that uses AA (they search for their cats every night to bring them inside) I love the way your graph puts everything right there. Im for sure getting them a PA40 now. thanks for your hard work on that graph, it helped me alot.

Edit: Just bought a PA40 for $56.00 shipped:
I didnt do much research, I’m hoping that was a good price.

Blinders, I am leaning towards the PA40 as well:)

the $56 PA40 on ebay was the best price I have seen!

This look a little better for price?


Nice find, I knew I should have looked around a bit… After shipping Illumination supply is still around $3.00 cheaper. I might just buy another. But now im looking at that new Nitecore 4AA. uhg. it never ends.

Yeah I scored the PA40 for $40 new. Should of bought two for that price. I like deals, sometimes I grab a light just because it is a good deal.

That is an awesome deal, I bought mine from illumination supply when he had that 50% off sale. It was more that $40 shipped, well worth the price.
The Fenix Ld41 looks good too but I haven’t seen it on sale so I went with the Jetbeam and no regrets :wink:
I also picked up a second pa40 when there was that deal alert on ebay, that was $44 after shipping I think

Nice graph 8)

I bought a Spark SX5 headlamp for $60 from going gear, that might be another AA light to consider and it has the added benefit of taking other batteries as well.


This doesn’t belong here! Don’t know why you make such a fuzz about this!
Nobody of the older members ever blamed him, nor about his affiliate links!
People are free to do this! Price for the buyers stay the same!

Cant recommend much to OP, sorry, only wanted to side with those that said thanks for that great info sheet youve made and shared with us ;)!

As for offtopic referral flaming - I believe it is biased to post referrals to products that you have never owned and never used.
If you have written review, thread or shared your experience regarding product that you actually own or owned for some time then I believe there is nothing bad in posting referral link as long as it suits this/that thread.
I know how tempting it is once you have your referral ID to actually include it in every product link you post because it definitely wont hurt you to get some % if someone buys item you referred to, however it could also be interpreted as false advertising when you advertise item youve never owned, gain some benefits from sales but when buyer encounters some problems that the one who posted referral had no ideas about since he never owned the product, then it might be disappointing to both buyer and referrer ;)!
I hope I made myself clear and my text didnt seem to messed up, especially last sentence and I also hope I didnt insult anyone, just sharing my opinion :slight_smile:

My 2 c.

The PA40 is obviously a truly great light. As another but different sort of option, the 3D Sportsman Extreme lantern may come in handy during a camping trip as well, for area lighting. I have two, and they’re a nice package all around: fairly small, fairly bright, fairly efficient, and fairly well built. They also hang fairly easily from the top of a tent.

I disagree.

It was the membership's objection to his hidden referral links that forced his sigline.

To claim that his intentions are less-than-selfish is laughable, IMO.

yes, there was a big stink made over it some time ago.
personally, i could care less either way.


that dorcy diehard looks interesting, just too bad the near $50 price tag on it. id like to get a few decent AA lights myself
make sure you let us know what you end up with

I will probably buy the PA40 or LD40. Decision next week!

I think the LD40 is a little classier with it’s all aluminum body. If I were buying it for myself, I would probably go with the PA40 (seems like a better light, feature wise).

Also, “for me” I am drawn towards the 3xaa (26650) lights. Specifically, the Cyclone C88 and the Ultrafire ST-3AA. The Cyclone seems to be the better light. Of course, it is almost double the price of the Ultrafire:)

Does Cyclone manufacture any other lights?

Lights like the Cyclone can't push the same current output on AA's due to so much resistance in the battery carriers. I was highly interested in the Cyclone at one point, but moved up to the PA40 instead (neutral white).

The Ultrafire/Aurora 3AA's aren't near the same quality and someone here reported of theirs dying.


For something cheap, you could consider the 3AA from TSC and do a simple emitter swap to XM-L. Not high quality build, but ok.


I have the PA40 and Cyclone - both in neutral white, though the PA40 is more white than neutral imho. The battery carrier in the Cyclone is pretty poor, so I abandoned AA’s pretty quick, and use a 18650 with a sleeve.