5% Exduct Coupon Code

Updated Feb-23-2012

I dont want to be the guy in charge of an Exduct thread, but since I started it I am just updating this with the lastest thing going on...

Just got this today, 5% good for 10 days: 4E14A4F5E7487

So does anyone know how the "affiliate" 5% coupons work? My Chinglish is a little rusty.

Hmmm, I never noticed that before, I thought it just meant you can share with a friend...BUT, I just checked my Exduct account and I think if somone buys with my coupon, I get 5% of their order as a credit. (Still my account is at zero, and Ive shared coupons before...)

Anyway, Im not here to make a few cents from Exduct, just to share a 5% coupon in the spirit of good-will with budget enthusiasts...

I think the way it's supposed to work is that you get the person you refer to use your personalized "coupon code", which is good for 5% off for both. Apparently, it's only valid once per user. Personally, I'm just not going to bother. If I wanted cheap, I'd be spending my money elsewhere. The cool thing about Exduct is the selection and the fact that they seem to be a notch above the HK-based competition as far as customer service goes. Obviously, there's no such thing as a free lunch so when I do order from Exduct, I'm okay with paying a couple bucks more. In the grand scheme of things, it's all pocket change anyway.

The new Monthly-Special-Limited has began. Enjoy it.

I agree that Exduct is a cut above the rest in terms service and available stock, if not a little more expensive. But 5% is still 5%... I'd have to rescind my lifetime membership to the cheapskates club if I didn't take it, if available - especially if Exduct is cool with it.

Clarification - by "take it", I mean use a coupon for a purchase, not necessarily make a buck from someone else's purchase. I can't think that far ahead, anyway.

a couple of bucks more? their prices are great, the website is a pig and limited, e mail return is spotty, but the worst is their shipping.

with 82usd (7 knives) in my cart, the shipping options (which were to take "20-30 days")were 29usd and 30usd.

thats like 35% in shipping. that would have to be on my doorstep in 2 days. screw em.

One of the many reasons why I stopped using exduct - they simply multiply the # of items in your cart with the shipping price, and it gets prohibitive. Secondly, their transit times with registered post are very poor, and it takes a month for the goods to arrive. Thirdly, they never responded to any of my tickets till date! :-/

+1 on screw them.

Im not their biggest fan either, since they sold me a bad 704, then ignored my emails...but if they have the knife you want, a small savings this is the thread.

I can erase the thread if anyone wants, Im not in favor of any one vendor, just trying to help people who would have bought something anyways.

I've got a couple of $5 Exduct coupons laying around if anyone wants to trade for something interesting.

Here is my 5% affiliate coupon which can be used once per person according to the site (I haven't tried it yet):


It's an affiliate coupon so can be used once per person.


used your code smelly..got one also in case anyone needs one..ordered an enlan el-01..


Yep thats the knife to get the EL-01 is awesome its a bargain at several times its price.

Pounder is that a Honda Ruckus in your avatar picture? Those are the coolest scooters around!

haha yeah man..that's my baby! chanito big bore kit, pc20 carb, jiang exhaust, etc etc..the little sucker flies and is a blast

Thank you.

These codes do not expire but they can only be used once per person. Not only does the buyer get 5% discount but the person the code was given to is awarded 5% too.

Here's the catch, Exduct do not pay out until you have a credit of $100 in your account so I don't ever expect to make anything from this code!

It would be useful if a few other people post their affiliate codes here too then the members can benefit to the maximum.


I've just made you some profit, so sooner or later you'll reach the $100 I'm sure!

The new Enlan folders - released in August - look quite promising.

If Exduct do ever pay out I will make a givaway available to members.

someone just used my code and I got 1.47$ lol thanks whoever it was!

Here is a code for someone's use: 4E4D022CAFDAE

Exduct at least recognizes you have placed an order, that's better than Discoverybargain ever did for me!