$5 Thrunite Ti


hurry they're almost gone!

Jumped on! Thanks!!

product not found..........

+1, dang!


how the heck does this work - i have a code for it

Got one too! Are they random color? Hope I dont get the pink one

I think they are sold out. There were like 53 in stock when I ordered at 10 am EST.

I ordered 30 min ago and there were 7 only. Sold out it is.

Too late... as always

There were 10 when I ordered.

Showing 4995 back in stock. I ordered one earlier so it wouldn't let me see if the coupon worked again.

Anyone have a working link?

I confirm, it's back on stock, although seems only in black?


Use code: TN2012 for 10.99 USD off

Looks like the black firefly (0.04 lumen low and 60 lumen high) version, but I suppose you could try to specify preference in the comments section during checkout.


I sure hope it's the black one. It's sharp!

Just ordered one, great!

Just ordered one, I suppose you have to wait to see which one you get (in terms of modes). 3 lumens I can understand, but can you see anything with 0.04 ?

Exactly what I was thinking!