5 XML`s in one Reflector

OK getting the hang of this now so thought you might like to see one I did in december

took one of the large reflectors (80 mm dia ) and crammed in 5 XMLS to see what the beam would be like

This was the resulting beam shot with them driven at 3 amps

approx 300 metres to my van at the bottom of the lane

It did make it into a bike light which I use all the time now on the bars

but took it down to 3 XMLS as liked the beam more and uses less battery power

here is the beamshot with three leds

Troutie that is amazing. Looks like it throws further with the 3 led's. What driver did you run this son off sun from? Any link to a build?

It is, ask scaru about his 7XML PCB. :P

Nice build, I've seen it posted here before and I really liked the thread back then. Great build!

just wow.

That’s impressive :slight_smile:

Tis a bit of a beastie

Linky to build over on mtbr

Driver is a B3flex from a 14.8 volt battery pack

Thanks Troutie. Nice read.

It might throw a bit better, if you arrange the leds on a circle and put them a bit out of focus.

The thought behind this is, that an external lightsource gets projected into one spot, the focal point.
If you put a lightsource to this fokal point, it will be projected to the spot of the extrenal source.
This is why you can’t focus 5 leds to the same spot.

BUT if you project an external source, and are out of focus, you will see a ring. Light emitted by this ring will also go to the same spot as before .
The problem is, that lots of light gets emitted to different directions, and will not go into the spot.
Your circle has to be as small as possible to lower this efect.

greets flo

ps.: did anybody ever try to use fibreoptics? This is the only way to trick linear optics. :wink:

I’m liking that a LOT.

i love it. looks super floody and bright. nice build.

Nice build. Totally love how floody it is. Any place selling flashlights with such arrangements (all concentrated at the centre with a larger reflector around)?

I love it… it’s just nice the way it is… now, i wish all the flashlight companies start taking notice and start building their multiples LEDs these way…instead using small reflectors for each LEDs…
pssst… care to build one more and sell one to me? :smiley:
BTW: where did you get the reflector from? any link?

Not sure you would want one exactly like that as its all glued together and very rough but may be tempted to do a MK2 soon Reflector is this one


a very similar beam and output can be had putting a MTG-2 in that reflector .

how do you solve the problem of heat released by the LED

Interesting. I went by Harbor Freight the other day and spent a good few minutes staring at one of those large clamp lights,wondering how one or more LEDS would look stuffed in it. It’s a giant metal (steel?) reflector; I imagine it could be polished up into a reasonable reflector with some elbow grease and patience.

I’m really enjoying seeing things like this - mods that go beyond the norm.

I dont think this thread got the attention it deserves. Trouties multitude of MTG2 reflector tests didnt seem to turn up anything nearly as spectacular as these multi-XML tests. After running with an SRK as my bike light for over a year (with the “good 3 terriod driver” and 13 x 18650’s remote pack to keep it blazing), I keep considering a similar troutie build of my own. Basically 3 x XML’s in the center of a large reflector while mounted to a large copper heat sink. After clicking the link above, here’s the photo of how he arranged the emitters.

The arrangement allows more light on the path where it is useful instead of lighting up the tops of the trees.

Mouse out: 3 xml
Mouse in: 5 xml

Oh hell! :bigsmile: After looking over the mouse-overs, Im not so sure that I wouldnt rather have 5 XML… who cares about inefficiencies with that many lumens blasting downrange. And… oh look at all the cheap copper 3-4 lb heat sinks yanked from old servers on ebay.

Troutie builds some of the most outrageous cutting edge LED lights that I have ever seen. This is just one of his many proofs of concept.

Thank you Troutie!!

I hope Troutie is okay,

He hasn’t been online in 7 weeks and I sent him an email about a week ago to check in on him, still not had a response.

Anyone heard from him lately ?

+1, I hope he’s alright. He hasnt posted to MTBR since 02-19-2013.