~$50 first light

hey yall, so im looking to get into lights. right now im looking at an s2+ triple from JC customs, but i also wanna know of other makers/options?

also, while im here, wheres a good place and brand to buy for batteries?


avoid Ebay and Amazon until you become familiar with batteries. Also learn about lithium batteries use and care, as they can be volitile with improper use and handling.

Jared’s lights are nice builds, and have a couple myself, but actual use needs, wants, or uniqueness should give us a direction to point. Flood? Thrower? EDC friendly?
What area of FL?

I’m in South Florida (Broward). Welcome! What will the light be used for?

im in Polk county, between tampa and orlando.

edc friendly, along with a mix of flood/thrower — if thats even possible?

just general EDC use, along with occasional use on a construction site at night to check over stuff

Try a BLF A6 as your first. Great all around light that can be found at a reasonable price (<$20 with 30Q battery).

Z-hills Lakeland area, nice up there.

For that use, I use a Convoy M1 or a Astrolux EC01(21700)

wheres a good place to get one? (im not familiar with vendors just know of banggood and JC lol)

lakeland, yes! i was just up in the hudson area yesterday and its beautiful up there.

ill give those a look

nvm im dumb, found it on banggood

FW1A is pretty awesome for around your budget if you want an “enthusiast” light. A little over your price range but the Zebralights are excellent - SC64w HI for more throw, SC64c Le for High CRI floody beam.

If you want nearly instant gratification, the Wurkkos fc11 is available on Amazon for $30 and includes a good battery, onboard USB C charging, High CRI Neutral Beam, and smooth ramping.

Maybe also check out the YLP Unicorn 1.0.

For batteries, Illumn.com is my go-to. Only problem is that you have to spend $75 to get free shipping but there’s an easy solution to that - buy more stuff. :smiley:

ill give those all a look! appreciate it.

well i now have like 5 options to pick from as they all have different things i like!

Emisar D4v2 (i like the colors it comes in and the form factor)
FW1A (like the form factor, customizability, metal tail switch)
Wurkkos fc11 (i like the price, the fact its USB C, and that it comes with a battery)
YLP Unicorn 1.0 (i love the design, the color)
BLF A6 (the price:performance ratio is unbeatable)

needless to say, im conflicted

Before you buy from Banggood or Neal’s Gadgets, check Fin17 & M4dM4x’s posts for coupon codes. Also the 1stthedeals.com site.
We almost never pay full price here.
If you decide on a A6, I have one that I can rehome sitting on the shelf.

I like the FW3A myself, though it is rather floody.

We have a solution for that around these parts - buy them all and then sell or gift whichever ones you don’t like. :smiley:

I think I have at least 100 lights but I’m not counting. :+1:

My only issue with my D4V2s is the low regulated output with only one 7135 chip but turbo is impressive. FW3A/FW1A has seven 7135 chips for perspective.

I have the Aluminum D4V2 in the Nichia 219c flavor. It’s nice

see, all this is a foreign language to me right now hahahaha. would love to get to know it all, although my wallet wouldnt

I don’t recommend spending $50 on the first light.
It is very likely to be a good light that works badly for you - because different lights are good at doing different things and different people have different needs and preferences. You don’t know yours yet. As a noob I thought I knew mine. I got some things right but others very wrong and wasted a lot of money on lights that are just not good for me.

I suggest buying several good budget lights that have fair quality and low price. c.a. $10 would be a good target. And make sure to pick lights that are different from each other.

For a “first light” that will be used mainly for EDC, at the $50 price range I would probably recommend the Thrunite TC15. The UI is basic and excellent, you get a full package including a high quality battery and onboard charging, and Thrunite is a reputable company in the event anything goes wrong. Purchase on Amazon for hassle free customer service.