500 LED Flashlight

Actually rather pathetic, 1 XM-L is much brighter.

ahh that famous video, props to effort, plus this is years ago, before XMLs, maybe the XR, XP days. i used to think tons of leds was impressive, aka showerhead, then i learned about quality, not quantity. all my good lights are cree powered now

Video is 2010 so XP-G existed for sure and XM-L was released in 2010.

actually its mid 2008 the video is made, lol

Apart from the time and money spent on this homebuilt flashlight, and apart how big and unuseful something that big can be, I have quite a lot of doubts for the outdoor beamshots. To me it looks fake, do you really think that a bunch of non reflectored leds can make a beamshot with a "small" hotspot like that? I mean, not that the hospot on the bridge pilon is something to cry about, but I would not expect a 5mm led shower to have a hotspot that far anyway.

Evil idea, it would be funny to blow him away with a SkyrayKing, LOL!

Remember that the viewing angle of 5mm LEDs is typically only 15 degrees so they do “throw,” not flood.

lol, i bet my bc40 will be enough to blow it away, maybe my blaze too

Well then XR-C, but still 5 of those would be brighter.

this build is waste of time.

imagine the same light with like 30 XMLs…. XD

It is extremely easy to make lights seem brighter than they really are on a camera. For example they may have taken the pics on a super clear night, and kept the exposure for maybe 30 or so seconds. And as Bose said 5mm LEDs do actually throw well compared to their spill, but it’s only because they’re so dim you can’t really tell.

300 watts though, would start a fire, lol.

It would need a few kilograms of high surface area heatsinking too.

Yes but that far??

And all of them perfectly aimed to the same hotspot?

Hmmm.... hard to believe...

Uhh… actually I just rewatched the bridge pylon part and it’s not really a ‘small hotspot’ as you say it is. You can’t tell if the LEDs are all perfectly pointed in the same direction, because the hotspot is so massive. The guy is standing like 2 meters from the pylon and the hotspot is pretty much 2 meter diameter…
Also, if you think it’s fake, do you also think that they somehow edited the video?

At 2:18 in the video the man stands about 10 meters from the pylon.

Don't think they edited the video, simply that for the outdoor part the actual flashlight used is always too far to be recognized. One have to believe their words, as they could have easily used a different one outdoor.

Also when shining on the road and fields, the beam looks too much defined to be a non reflectored light. To me at least.

This is only the 744th time this has been posted on every flashlight forum, the conversation never changes, get over it people this so boring. 500led extreme flashlight - Google Search

Time to find something new to talk about.

If it’s so pathetic he sure got a lot of milage from it.

You know when people use the term mileage, it often refers to how long it will last, or how long they could use it for. And on this assumption, how do you know what his usage was like? Taken from here: he says ’how long will the battery last at full power?

At full power it will last 10 min. But you can also use it with only 100 leds. This way it will last much longer.’ 10 minutes isn’t a very long runtime. And it doesn’t state anywhere how long the actual light has lasted/will last.

What bose is saying is true though, because posting the output to size and weight ratio (not to mention the runtimes) is total crap. Compared to a like using an XR-C this is just impractical in almost every way, unless you’re looking for something to knock a door down.

I beg your pardon for not having ever seen it before

I see this video on the side of the related videos just about every flashlight video I have ever seen that has anything to do with flashlights.

I don’t know why but it really annoys me that its always there.