5000 mAh in a 18650 battery......true or not?

Hi: Kind of a newbie here and I have been seeing lately, some cheaper 18650 batteries claiming capacities of 5000 mAh. Are these figures even close?. If so,probably the batteries are too large in diameter to fit inside anything?!.
When I first got into the world of flashlights last year,I bought a pair of 3400 mAh 18650 and I thought they were the maximum capacity?! Should I trust these 5K mAh 18650 batts? Thanks,HB

Don’t trust them, and don’t buy them. Good quality batteries (like from Panasonic) is not expensive at all.

The higher capacity are the pamasonics 3400. They are not very expensive.
Those cheap *fire and similar battery claims above 3.4k are always false (even those claiming 2.5-3 use to be false)

I have tested one pair of 5000mAh batteries, they had about 1000mAh.

The highest capacity batteries are from Panasonic and are 3600mAh, there are a couple of dealers that put their own wrapper on them and add protection, like Orbtronic.

If you buy 5 of them , you might be lucky and get 5000mAh ..

Often you might see 4 batteries sold with a 5000mAh claim - That just might be right for the entire lot ...

There are or were some decent cheap batteries out there , now with counterfeiting or false branding , you just dont know what you are getting ..

Honestly I think there are people buying or breaking into dumpsters to get there hands on reject cells , they put a nice wrapper on it , call it junkfire or some such , and the batteries are nothing short of an accident waiting to happen ... And deliver very little capacity ..

Some times a TROLL will claim that they tested the battery and got some serious results from it ... ( Troll Post ) , so just because there might be a buyer review , dont mean squat any more .. The ??inese sellers / counterfeiters will resort to every trick in the book to move the cells ..

Some times I think we are paying the (?) to dispose of their rubbish in our land fills ..

The battery situation was much better 3 or 4 years ago , fewer batteries = more results , limited options , but you knew what you were getting , as long as there were test results .

Now , there is more testing , more results , but a lot more batteries , more counterfeiting , and more brands ( or labels ) than ever before . Almost every week there is a new flavour , and who can keep up with it all ? Some of the batteries are dangerous ( might explain a certain recent battery ban from a certain country )

The current situation is , buy quality .. Buy enough so you wont be without power , and it could be time to look at AA again ...

2D Mags set up to run 6 x AA .. We might see more 3xAA and 4xAA in 2014 ?

Too good to be true.

3 out 4 of those types of batteries, in my experience, wont even charge. They were also labeled protected and had no such protection circuitry. I would strongly advise against purchasing them.

Spend a few more dollars and get a quality battery that is highly recommended around here. Like a panasonic or a Sanyo if you want to spend a bit less.

Thanks to all who left a comment! i will stick with the quality 18650 cells,no more capacity than 3400 mAh. Thanks,HB

Next in line is 3600mah from Panasonic

i always get a good laugh when i see those!
ebay is a minefield of crap when it comes to batteries.
if there was really an 18650 with real 5000mah capacity i bet most production would be going to electric car mfrs like tesla!
as mentioned 3600 is real if its a panasonic.not sure if sanyo has that yet but for sure no !@#$%&fire brand does!