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And the Winner is:


Post #38


I talk too much!Sealed

5000 postsSurprised

Here's the light.


Runs on three 14500 batteries. Disaster Build thread is here. You need IMR batteries to put out the amps. XM-L2 on Copper Star. Copper pill, 3 amp Qlite driver. H/M/L & Lower Wink Copper head and body, Aluminum reflector.

Anyone who became a member on or before 04/01/2014 can be in the giveaway. Your post # is your lucky number.

I will draw a winner from Random.org sometime on 04/16/2014.



Is that a light ???!!!
Congratulations on your 5000 posts !!!

I’m in. Congratulations

Congratulations to the 5k!


I’m in


I’m in

Love the build…absolutely incredible!

Thanks for doing this, count me in:

I’m in:)

In! Would love on Old Lumens project. Maybe we should call this one Odd Lumens.

In...copper and black O my...

Cool build, I am always in for a giveaway of aOL creation :slight_smile:

count me in and grats on 5k OL.

I’m in, copper…myah…myah.

I'm in .....

New lumens ala old lumens

It looks like a grenade :smiley:

I’m in, thanks OL!

nice gift ,lot of hard work to make it,congrats.

Now that’s ingenuity!