501B $7.80

Shining a laser at ANY aircraft is a felony no matter what and they will prosecute you to the fullest extent as well. it is a HUGE danger to shine them at aircraft’s and for those who don’t like the beam will make it up to a aircraft you are VERY wrong. its also VERY easy to find the person who did it, even from up in the sky

As far as building, it easy IMO for certain ones. Parts are starting to get tough since one of the main suppliers shut down due to getting a new job :frowning: as far as burning, it all depends on what you mean buy burning; light a match, pop a balloon, light a 2x4 on fire, etc……

Yeah, I think there would be some interesting possibilities as far as using a laser on wood to do some intricate woodworking projects.

Nice price! It is tough to get an XM-L drop-in for that price. I’m sure the driver is garbage, but still, not bad for a complete light.

I like it with my own driver/modes with 10 AMC7135. Big flood and super bright!

I’ll try it with 12x and Led on noctigon and better heatsink. J)