501B hosts 3 for $12 delivered from Sunsky.

I noticed the thread about the new MX-L2 dropins coming out and thought about these that I came across a while ago. If you buy three of them it drops the price down to around $4 each.

OH and coupon Cope SNAPSHOT is good for 5% off. It covers the extra for paypal. So three is a total of $11.75 including shipping.

I ordered 2 of the silver ones for <$10......wow.

Does it come with a lens ans switch?

Thanks for sharing! I ordered 3 right away when I saw you posted it in the other thread.

Yep it does.

You’re welcome. I’m glad to help out. I bought 3 of them as well. Now I just have to decide which dropins or make my own, etc.

Got two silver ones also…thanks!

No problem, glad to pass along a good deal.

So…all I need to do is order some P60 dropins, add batteries, and I’m good to go? What about thermal management…is there a way to add thermal grease/foil to help with that? Is it necessary?

Also what drop-ins are people ordering? XML-2s? Who has the best ones?

I used to buy from intl-outdoor. They have a nice drop in that can be “customized” to your preferences.
Now I buy parts from fasttech and make them myself.

But yesterday I saw this thread.
I ordered two of the OP drop-ins from KD. Are they good? cant tell before I get them. They just arrived to the stores and as far as I know, Kaidomain and lightmalls are the only stores with XM-L2 drop-ins in stock at the moment…

I never use some thermal stuff around the drop-ins. But they should transfer heat a bit better if you do. Some 501B hosts have more room for drop-ins than others. So some would benefit more than others… There are several threads around when it comes to putting stuff around P60 drop-ins for better heat transfer…

Not a fan of the 501 body style but the price is wonderful! At that price a low heat dropin will work for next to nothing.

Where do you input coupon code? Can’t seem to find it :~
Edit: Nevermind, found it.

Great find. Thanks for sharing 18sixfifty. I ordered 3 black, but accidentally didn’t use the discount code. Oh well, still a great price.

can’t find place to input code. a little help please. thanks

I want to order 5 but there is no free shipping option that I see. Is there one??

Shipping is not free. But if you try with different quantities you will see that at times it is really cheap. Like when buying 3…

Ok thanks! Either way it is a bargain. I just wanted to make sure there wasn’t a free option before paying.

Thanks for sharing this deal!

Or if you buy the grey version - the shipping is cheaper (shipping costs for one grey $1,35, 2 -> $2,02)
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Has anyone here ordered from these guys before?

One thing seems oddd - add up the price+shipping of one of the black ones shipped to USA. Almost seems deliberate.

Kinda considering a gray one, but it looks even cheaper than the black in those pictures. Is it that bad in person? Has anyone had any success with any kind of paint or coating (besides ano)?