501B MC-E ver Skyray R5

Hope everyone likes them

I see you got a good MC-E - it seems to be putting out a lot of light

Heaps of light fixed the donut by getting rid off heaps of thermal glue and having the emitter less deep in the reflector.Still can see the cross abit but nowhere near as bad as it was.

Yes, it is often possible to get rid of the worst of it - only one of my quad die lights is bad enough to show up on my target tree trunk. And to be honest even it doesn't bother me in use.

Its there if I look but at any distance over a metre can't notice. Very impressive for a $20 torch. Will probably stick it in a different body though..

That's bright! I think you've convinced me to get one

That R5 is weak ! [ at least looks it ] you should see more than that out of one ...

XR-E R2 [ Surefire 6P above

XP-G R5 [ Solarforce L2 ] driven by Shinningbeam 1.4A 3 mode driver ..

And for the heck of it , 2xXP-G R5 @ a little over 2A [ 500L OTF ] [ L2P host ]

I think I discovered the next day that the Skyrays Battery was at 3.80v or there abouts. Will update the Both pics when it stops raining.( with both batts at 4.20v )

Taken tonight 2 second exposure van body is at 40meters.

All fully charged. P7 is H/made 2 x 18650 @ 1.35a MCE @ 2.2a R5 @1.65a