52mm 3x XM-L2 U2 Drop-In KD

FYI, KD Drop-In KD

http://kaidomain.com/product/details.S021394 5 Mode

http://kaidomain.com/product/details.S021393 3 Mode

I have seen these row a year or so but never purchased one . Are they for mag lights ? Are they easy to install ?

they are for the wf500/tr1200/t1 type two cell hosts, I believe they need some grinding to get them into a maglite but its not impossible.

you can get bare modules from cnqg if you wish to spec your own build

Can anybody recommend a triple version that has good output and good value? $30 just seems steep versus what a SRK can be had for these days.

The cnq version I found was to build a single @ $10 or so . . guess a red or green might be another alternative.

Now that I have better throwers, I might like this with more flood.

I think the price/value seems pretty good.

I have recently been looking at simular parts and seem to remember prices to be about:
Triple reflector without pill is usually around 7.5$.
A complete one with costs slightly more. Around 10$.
3x XML2- LED. If typical cheap XM-L2 is around 6$ a piece. If U2 (something KD claims, and I doubt) its 8-10$ piece.

So with the prices im used to see. Emitters + reflector+ pill would exceed 30$. And you get a driver too.

DX have many multi-emitter drop-ins…

But I would consider the one from KD to be more bang for the buck based on parts.
I have no idea if that driver has decent output. As usual, specs on Kaidomains site does not make sense. And the support people usually have no clue, or just come up with false info (based on my experience with them).

They’re both looked very good to me.

driven 2 Amp for each LED or 2 Amp for all 3 LEDs? :smiley:

Details, details… Who cares… Its 3000 lumen output anyway! :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

If accurate for the rated 2 cell voltage, then it might be similar to 4A with 1 cell - so I’d assume it is shared among all 3 emitters.

The math works as you say . . ignoring margins and alternatives . . . most of us wouldn’t buy a car based on the combined parts prices even if the math worked the same.