535Kcd with XP-E2

Here is my last build just for fun! A single 18650 light with xp-e2 dedomed on sinkpad at 2.3A and a 3” aspherical lens.

Next to Crelant aspheric

Pill is a a copper disc soldered to brass C8 pill

If you look carefully you will see stl-v2 to the right at 45kcd, and this light on the left at 535kcd.

Thats a flippin laser 8) Nice idea ,build


whos going to break 1million with a led? :slight_smile:

Wow that’s crazy. Nice job.

real fun!!

Just filthy :open_mouth:

Welp… I was thinking an xml2 dedomed I’m my zy-t13 with the crelant head, but now I’m thinking not.
Good job

Fun project. Nice build and SICK intensity of that beam!
Waiting for outdoor beamshots… :wink: 0:)

See if you can bounce the beam on a cloud at night

Saabluster with something, that’s my bet.

Yeah, he reached very close to 1 mil…. for a publicly available/purchasable model. 900K plus for the DEFT-X.

DEFT X has a xp-g2 led, so he probably can break 1M with xp-e2.

Yup, have a feeling he will break it in not too long.

DO IT - so much light downrange…you can’t see far enough for 535k :wink: I have one with 7g5v2 stock driver (except much bigger wires between boards and to emitter) and it is doing 180k

BUT - that’s an impressive build, zizo, and makes me think I should try driving my de-domed green xp-e a little harder (I know, it isn’t an xpe2…)

Well, I have the Dereelight Xsearcher. EZ900 XR-E and the lens diameter is 64mm (head diameter is 70mm). Already find the hotspot to be pretty small so it’s really for stuff > 150m. The DEFT-X probably has a slightly bigger lens.

Just for sheer distance illumination, i think my greenie with a beam expander does better (so you just focus it around). Must use a tripod for it and a pair of binos though. :slight_smile: Such distances just need a pair of binos. It does hit about 5-6km but for those distances i’ll need to use my telescope. LOL!
So not gonna bite the DEFT-X, not for 760 bucks shipped.

No way I will buy a DEFT-X, would be fun to see one in action but I have no need for a light with such a pinpoint beam.

It might be interesting to see what the measured beam widths are at different ranges. This might be much more useful at further ranges where the beam becomes larger.

Thanks for posting!

Getting one of my DEFTs updated with XP-E2 LR pill from OMG. Michael finished it this weekend and hope to get it back this week. Its been there a while, I sent it in Dec, but I know with the X he has been busy. The other one just has XR-E R2 so I can use it to compare.

Is that some other head on top of a C8 body? Where’d you get that head and the lens?