5C Defiant XM-L 625 Lumens at Home Depot

35 at my home depot, I will try to make it out there tonight.

Remember, we went through this with the DST, if there is exactly 35 in inventory it could mean that they are not yet on the floor. Stores with <35 probably have them on display and have already sold some.

And those poor Home Depot employees are probably thinking, "Oh No! Here we go again with those crazy flashaholics!"



do you think they have had enough flashaholic purchasers to determine that there is a group of people looking for these ‘no name’ lights and spreading its specs over the internet for others to chase?

Yeah, they couldn't find any at my HD, but I do see one with 34 in stock that is a bit further away, I may try to go there tomorrow.

It seems like Defiant is trying to compete with Maglight?I wonder when will see a 6D version? :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyone buy and open one of these up yet?

Yeah, I just got one. First impressions are that it is not very mod friendly, I can easily access the LED, reflector, and lens, but so far I have been unsuccesful in getting to the driver.

scaru, can you confirm any Lego-ability between this and the ST?

No legoability what so ever, and this one is a PIA to get apart, f*cking thread locker!

Bummer on the legolessness. Thank you very much scaru for taking the risk to purchase and then reporting back to us.

So if you torched or baked to cause the plastic in the thread lock to melt, would the ano likely change color? I haven’t tried to open a thread lock light yet.

I was hoping ST reflector would fit. Well, at least this ought to throw with an XP-G2 on copper.

No, not even close (I'll grab a picture comparing the two and post it later tonight)

You don't need to heat it up, you just need use a lot of force, I put it in a clamp and then used vice grips on the other part (which I clamped a 2 foot steel bar to for extra leverage).

i’d like to see someone try acetone

I reckon bathing it in acetone may cause a plastic melt down. The head assembly is glued on there with the best of them. This torch is led swappable and that’s about it.

I bought one of these today. Over the past few weeks, I have acquired the 3C 490 lumen Defiant Super Thrower as well as the ArmorMax 3D 590 lumen Defiant light.

The new 625 lumen 5C Tactical Defiant light clearly outclassed the other two in a brightness test on my ceiling, and has only a little less throw than either of them.

Surprisingly, the 590 lumen ArmorMax has the greatest throw out of the three, leaving the Super Thrower in second place (very close) and the new 5C a close third. But in brightness and output power, the new 5C tactical rules here, leaving the 3D ArmorMax in second and the Super Thrower last in brightness.

I am extremely impressed by the Defiant line and exceptionally blown away by this new supremely powerful 5C monster. I have been collecting LED lights for 5 years and it is by far the brightest, highest-output flashlight of any sort that I have found at a retail market offline (spotlights don’t count). My favorite choice for a belt-holster EDC.

Pictures of these lights to come within the next two days. I willl be posting a comparison of the three Defiant big guns shortly. Just wanted to tell about my experience and impressions of this light since it is so new and untested, as well as how it compares to the others.

Welcome to BLF! Thanks for your impressions although I can't see either of the other two beating the super thrower.


Thanks for your input UltimateLED and welcome to the forum.

Have you gone through the lights and fixed the potential high resistance points. I only have experience with the DST out of the 3 you reference. It makes sense that the ceiling bounce would be less. Throwers don’t do well in that test. I would expect the DST to out throw the other 2 lights by a decent margin though. It could be that your DST has a high resistance point or two. There are a lot of connection points for electricity to cross in that light.


it’s possible especially if worn alkaline cells were used in the DST during a comparison. They have a long taper in voltage unlike NiMH cells, whose voltage falls off a cliff after dropping below 1.1V.