5th Annual BLF OL Comp Build. Can A Flashlight Flash? The Naked Truth. Update post 151. Night shots added. 16.12.171

Yeh, a lot of people have trouble losing weight :zipper_mouth_face: A strict diet of lathe and mill for your light :smiley:


This is just awesome to watch! Excellent job sir! :+1:

Looks awesome :beer:

Your talent is really starting to shine :smiley:

Cheers David

Pun taken pommie. :slight_smile:
My wifes not sure where its shining from though. :person_facepalming:

The centre section of the head assembly which holds the fan was profiled to loose a bit of weight.

The pink chalk and hand file was put to good use again bevelling the edges of several parts to try and break up the blockiness look.

The reflectors threaded into their retainer. The cap screw heads had to be profiled for clearance on the reflectors.

A shot with a ruler to give an idea on the size of the reflectors assembled without the bezel.

This shows one of the reflectors sitting on a C8.

A group hug of all the machined components. It seems such along time ago that the machining started.

The part the reflectors screw into.

The top of the bezel.

The centre of the head which holds the fan.


Driver holder and the part that the battery tube screws onto.

And finally the battery tube.

The finish is getting very close. :slight_smile:

Amazing work, I wish you had got this finished for the comp :+1:

I commented somewhere before the comp started I could build a light and finish or build a light I wouldn’t finish. I chose the later knowing there would be a good chance I wouldn’t have time to build it. At the time I had this idea in my head and wanted to build it so here it is.
If I hadn’t gone to China as well I may just have finished it. :slight_smile:

Cool, I understand that, you can see the quality work in this takes a lot more time, thought and effort :+1:

Man, that is some serious engineering and work going into this one.

Wow! That is looking very nice! :+1:

Thanks for the comments guys. :beer:
I’m just a little excited as the light is at this point finished. I’m posting up some of the last build shots and later I’ll get the glamour pictures up.

The driver is powered up to set the parameters and power output before assembling into the torch. The driver is a Taskled H6Flex.

On assembling the light I was having trouble running the fan wires in the groove with the led power wires which by the way are 18 AWG, so decided the easy way out was to run them in there own groove.

The power wires for the leds coming out of the head along with the fan wiring. I would have liked to power the fan from the driver but this was not possible due to room restraints and assembly issues.
In the front two reflector thread holes in the top plate you can see the channels where the wiring runs to the third led.

The driver has been assembled into the head, switch wired up and the driver board used for the positive power to the driver soldered on.

And finally where I seem to always have issues with blowing leds, hit the switch and three Luminus SST-40 leds erupted into a dull glow without blowing up. Yahoo says I. :slight_smile:

Nice one keen to see it all finished.

Just a little excited huh? I feel giddy and all I’ve done is read and ogle over the pictures :laughing:

Here we go. I’ve waffled on enough throughout this thread so I’ll let the pictures do the talking this time.

The keepers of the light.

And finally a group shot of previous lights inspired by Justin and a few of you here.

Night shots etc to follow at a later date.

just awesome……

how does the fan cooling work


Like the Spartan cells too :slight_smile:

Pretty sure you can be considered the best custom flashlight maker in the world. One day, maybe a hundred years from now these lights will be auctioned off at Christie’s Auction for tens of thousands of dollars.

+1 Well put :beer:

Well done! :+1: