5th Annual BLF / Old Lumens Scratch Made Light Contest - Official People's Choice Award - VOTE NOW!


Thanks for this GAW, CRX, and I’m still in shock :open_mouth: :smiley:
I will give a good use to that light and I will shut my lights off and using later in the night in the head to write down its review on BLF :sunglasses:

Well, I’d like but…let’s see if it will happen :smiley:
I have a PhD to end within this year so time will narrow a bit from now on until the end of the year! BUT, if I can, if I have the materials and resources, and if I don’t lack the ideas, I’ll enter :wink:

Seeing all the builds from this year was truly an inspiration and I hope that someday I can make one too :wink:

Congratulations to the all of you that entered the “contest”!
And thank you again, CRX :sunglasses:

Congrats MascaratumB!

Headlamp shipped. Hope you will enjoy it!

Thank you _ the _ :smiley: I will for sure :wink:
I’ll let you and CRX know when it arrives!

Thank you both :+1: :sunglasses:

My gift from CRX’s giveaway arrived today :blush:
And it had an extra gift, an AAA flashlight, similar to BLF 348, but in a more NW version!
Thank you, again, CRX for it and thank you _ the _ for sending it! :+1:

:+1: :slight_smile: @ CRX

Hey cool :slight_smile: :+1: I hope you like them, thanks for letting us know you got them ok :beer:

It’s perfectly acceptable to rob the LED’s & drivers out of them to use in the next scratch build contest… just sayin’ :innocent:

Good one, CRX :+1:

…that reminds me, I’m overdue for a 2K post GAW….

I believe you have a BLF GT FmC. That would make an orsm gift in a giveaway. Your the best. :slight_smile:

Oooh, I didn’t think of that… :slight_smile:

+1000 :smiley: :partying_face: :blush:
Even if it wasn’t me the winner I would :+1: for the action !!!

I do, i really do, and the funny thing is: I was looking both for a headlamp and a AAA flashlight!!! So how about that? :wink:
The headlamp has a very nice feel and “wonderful” tint that I really like, and the AAA light will probably be my pocket light, thin, one mode, enough to use in emergency for close range!

Thank you once again :smiley:

Eheheh, you’re still tempting me :smiling_imp:
I will see what I can do, but the interiors wouldn’t be the biggest issue :wink: The body, on the other hand… :person_facepalming:

Thanks for the encouragement! :smiley:

And thanks to all :+1: