5xR2 dropin vs 3 XM-L lights

I have got some packages today. I thought it would be nice to compare some flashlights once they are here.

I have here:

- the Smallsun ZY-1200L (equal TR-1200) with a 5xR2 drop-in from DX.

- the Brynite C9 http://www.shenzhen-wholesale.com/brinyte-xmlc9-cree-xml-t6-led-aluminum-5mode-flashlight_sku3210.html

- the KD C8 http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11097

- the RQ 07 http://www.kaidomain.com/ProductDetails.aspx?ProductId=11104

Here is the group foto:


And here the beams in high mode in the order as above


I give up. I tried allmost one hour to post the fotos. Can somebody fix it.

Hope it helps. Is it correct that Smallsun 5xR2 is on left and RQ 07 on the right ? 07 Seems to be a bit dim for "1000" lm

Ok Are the RQ and C8 on high ? Whats the range for the beams ?

Sorry I forgot to mention it; it's 1,4 meters from the wall and all are on high.

What is the smallsun drawing at the tailcap?

wow, that brynite makes the C8 look really dim!

i woud have thought they would have about the same output.

Man, and the last one looks like a $1 piggy flashlight Can't believe it, all three lights with XM-L and with abismal difference

I have the rq with xml drop in and its as bright as my solarforce masterpiece..i'd say around the 700 lumen mark..the one in your picture must have some issues..what's it pulling at the tailcap?

Thanks for sharing this.

I have almost the same setup at home. A TR1200 body and a 5xR2, another TR1200 body and a self built 2x18650 XML T5 light, a self built XML C8 and a KD R7 with KD P60 XML dropin.

5xR2 dropin although a bit on the old technology side, really has the brightest output. My TR1200 XML throws better than a P60's but your Brynite really looks bright in the hotspot. I guess this XML has found a good reflector for itself. Even 3A driven T5 XML setup doesn't seem to have such small hotspot. For C8, mine has a 8xAMC7135 driver and I had somewhat better output than in these beamshots.

the two brighter ones may be washing out the other two ..

Any chance of individual shots or outdoor beams ...

Very interesting comparison , the Brynite C9 , looks very tempting

old4570 is probably right right. It must have something to do with the camera setting. It"s an automatic and I cannot change the shutter speed. That's why I cannot make these nice outdoor beamshots to compare. If I picture them one by one the camera would false the output.

In fact when I compare them outside, there is not so much of a difference. Sure the 5xR2 is the brightest, but there is not so much difference between the C9 and the C8. On this foto you cannot see the spill of each one. In fact the C9 has a smaller hotspot than the C8 and even the 5xR2, but it has less spill. Also the beam of the C9 is very ringy. The RQ seems to be less bright, but it has the biggest hotspot and also a good spill. However If I compare them in the nature, the C8 seems to be the brightest of the XM-Ls. Sorry I cannot give you the tailcap readings of the XM'Ls, because my DMM is somehow not accurate these days. The 5xR2 does 2,3 to 2,4 A on two fresh batteries.

I made an effort and used plain copper wire with my DMM.

C8 = 2,8A (this one has a KD 8xAMC7135 driver)

C9 = 1,5A (looks like a driver swap is needed,but then it really would become bright!. )

RQ = 3,1A

Unfortunately what the camera reacts too , is the reflected light .. So which ever one is bouncing back more light will look the brightest , and will wash out the other lights .

I had the same problem , Auto camera , made a XML @ 400L look brighter than XML @ 800L [ Medium looked on camera brighter than high ]

That's exactly what happened to my outdoor beamshots. That's why I think it's useless to post them. They seem to be all the same brightness.