7 x CREE XM-L U2 on round PCB at Led-tech max. 7280Lm

, but not budget DIY part . Could be interesting to build your own "wall of light". Would like to have one , but don't know how to drive and heatsink it.




WOW, lol

Betrieb = driver?

54,90 € = ouch, me no play

very cool though

PCB and lens comes to about a hundy. Driver is about another fifty.

Gorgeous, but spendy.

Wow is right! I can see Dorpmuller making one of his beautiful Mags with one of these!


Seems like putting more emitters on a PCB is the easy part. Aren't the driver and heat sink for this kind of set up the real challenge? Then, of course, you have the optics. I wish I was skilled enough to even think of attempting a mod with components that cost this much.

Oh, I went and looked! Much too $$$$... and I don't think it'd all fit! Plus the cost of 7 driver boards...


I saw they've crees on copper pcb - w/ gold on the back so it doesn't tarnish.

They should have done this one like that.

I'd rather see them crammed together under one dome. I suppose then heat management would be an even bigger issue...but that makes me think you'd want them more spaced out then on this PCB, too.

Just talking out of my 3rd eye here, since I don't have any experience w/ multiple emitters - YET

I would also wonder the switch requirements...

Why? I don't see any issue with the switch. Leds are serialy connected, so (because of heating) you won't run it long at higher currents for shure. In fact I would run it at its 3A max. only for minute or two. About 1.4A would be reasonably current for long runing high mode and it would be much more efficient too.

Agreed. However for such project i would be starting to think big on batteries department soemthing giant dual 4,2V and running emitters in 2s paralleled by number of emitters. Less risk runing many serialy run batteries (i do not like that). Unfortunately the emitters are not a number that can be divided by 2. :/ 8 or 6 would do nicely. Custom body for great heatsinking so it can be used as a searchlight. The power is there why limiting ourselves with conservatively driving it. With 6 or 8 XM-L's i don't see the point to not make something that can withstand at least 30min of continuuous run on lets say 2,8A per emitter. Power requirements must be huge and heatsinking it properly must became dounting to say the least. I would go the active cooling route even if waterproofness would suffer and a fan would draw some energy as well. Perhaps a design that if run at full you must slide some sort of water protection system lid to let active cooling a way to intake/expell air. Otherwise if driven coservatively the fan shuts off and the flashlights become somehow waterproof.

Would like a dual 60650 battery with like 12.000 mAh each not a load of 18650 crammed in some sort of 2s4p setup. Also a custom reflector is strongly desired as i believe tir optics would greatly reduce the usefull output from the emitter.

Then again why bother (apart for the fun factor) if a silly medium power HID can do all that? :/

Budgy, we could do it in slovene language . Anyway it depends on what would be used for. In my case this would be bicycle light to put on a helmet or handle bar, so it must be lightweight. Very oposite to your setup. Both not very budget

It might happen one friend will make custom light. We can discuss this further via PM.

Sorry, but im all for ideas but for making it real i need a lathe guy with lots of patience and his work needs to be worth a few beers at most. Also i'm very low on budget currently so it's a no go for me. Anyway, if you need any weird suggestions feel free to contact me. :)

Lot's of ideas but no workshop anywhere for cheap (wishfull thinking).

I think there is a lot of us who have many ideas where to use this. Not so many how to do it in every detail. Anyway it's good to know where to find multiled solutions.

Well I don't see it that way. We all know the physics very well. I have a light (200 over bucks after modded) which outthrows $11k worth of Trustfire TR-J12. :) Yes, that is 790 pieces of XM-L.

You coul mount it to the engine block of a Prius and drive it with synergy drive!

Taskled makes a boost driver capable of 50V and 3200mA

Correction. George's Hyper buck is good for 25V in 3200mA out. The Hyper boost is good for 50V out at 2000mA

As my first flashlight mod I went ahead and bought this PCB, and as driver I used HB-FLEX from George at taskled.com. As chassis I bought the cheapest Sky-Ray King copy on ebay.

The flashlight had batteries and LEDs in parallel and was kind of bright to start with (no meter but maybe 2000lm), but I redid the batteries to be in series and drive the HB-FLEX with 14.4 V. I couldn’t use the original optics since the holes for the LEDs were too far apart, and went for the TIR optics from led-tech.de. As you can see on the photos, it is only occupying a small area inside the Sky-Ray King chassis.

For batteries I bought unprotected Samsung INR18650-32E, capable of delivering 10A.

This build should give 70W and 7280 lm according to the spec, but I haven’t measured. The light is not very focused even though it says 12° spread on the optics. The heat sink is not done properly so I don’t dare to turn it on for a longer time.