7 XMLS and 7 Aspherics monster light

Been ploughing through lots of threads and having a ball

so thought I would share my monster light with you

7 XMLs and 7 of Ahortons aspherics went into this beast

spent a lot of time hacking it out of aluminium in my garage so on to the photos

and finally a beam shot

and this is the google earth place where the beamshot was taken


Awesome stuff.

That is a beast :slight_smile:

Ha Ha yes for sure is a beast its my crocodile Dundee thats not a torch this is a torch

makes me smile whenever I switch it to max

Have you done any lux measurements? What kind of current are you sending to the emitters?

I ask because I’ve thought about doing this to a blackshadow terminator :slight_smile:

anyway, very nice light !

edit: another question, is the light on the grass right in front of the camera from the flashlight?

OMG ! haha about 3 weeks ago I was showing my mate this light from a post I found somewhere else. (can’t remember where now - think it might have been MTB)

We both said DANG ! that’s one awesome light design with amazing throw. Very impressive indeed, didn’t know it was yours Trouty, well done.

I am constantly amazed at the amount of work people put into their light builds, makes me feel kind of lazy in comparison. It takes creativity, skills, and strength of character to build something like that. Congratulations!

Not yet though I have just aquired a luxmeter but not yet worked out how to work it yet or what is the norm for measuring these things

the leds are getting 3 amps on full and yes there is some spill close up which is good for for my usage

its using the Taskled HBflex and running from an internal 14.8 volt 4.4 amp hour battery pack with external charge port .

OK so dont know if this is correct but at 1 metre away the beam centre read

130000 lux at first switch on and dropped as the light warmed up to 70000 lux

at 2 metres it read 30300 lux

then got the wife to hold it at 5 metres away and it read 6400 lux

That is a super clean beam! Nice job! Any lux measurements?

Hacking?! BS! Lathe and mill work? That is very impressive!

How do you secure the optics on there?

thanks for the measurements. I don’t know much about this topic, but I’d say, with that much output, and multiple beams, that you’d get the most accurate measurement from an even larger distance, though maybe 5 meters is sufficient.

For this light, I doubt the lux gives a very good impression of the beam - in other words, there’s obviously a whole lot more light on target (or rather….all around it) than w/ a single xml and big aspheric that might get the same measurement


Now all you have to do is make it Flood to Throw by allowing a bit of mobility from the lens and emitters. Maybe a screw-type arrangement. Probably would be quite difficult with the current design. But wow, what a great thrower!

Thanks JonnyC yes a fair bit of milling and latheing was done

the aspherics are glued in as an easy option over making little threaded collars for each lens .

I use this http://www.bostik.co.uk/diy/product/evo-stik/Serious-Glue/16

it is clear as glass and pretty flexible and strong

Another stunning effort, Troutie. What are you using for the power source on this? RC pack to handle the draw??

Thanks no its a battery pack from this guy

www.mtbbatteries.co.uk good bloke and has other batteries other than what is on his site

so may be of interest to the UK guys on here .

Orsm. Have you a shot holding it to give us an idea on size?

Nice build I noticed it over on CPF, also if anyone wants to do this Kind of build i have a heatsink made for the shower head if anyone wants to buy it

Ps: it holds 4 lenses just his