7th annual Old Lumens Flashlight Modders & Builders Challenge (EDSG hand Made)

Does any one know how much copper i would need so i don’t fry the driver?

If i have the driver connected to the pill as it is. Will that help heat sink it or make it worse when the LED’s get hot?

Very nice so far.
1 piece of advice, use clamps on your drill. When I started engineering it was one of the first things they taught me, yes it’s hassle but it can stop some nasty accidents and mishaps.
You think you have a good grip of things, but when those drills grab they grab well and it can take a finger off!

Driver wise, I don’t think they get major hot? maybe fix a 22mm copper pipe end cap to the inside and solder it to that? so the flat end down, and solder the driver on the ring part? just make sure it not touching anything electrical though. You’ll have to drill a couple of holes for your wires in the side though.

Thanks for the advise i generally do use clamps but the copper would of deformed i think its only 0.8mm thick.

I will solder more copper around the edges see if that helps thanks!

no no lol, it’s fine. I wasn’t picking holes! :slight_smile: it was more of a safety thing :wink:

Still got a few things to fix so ill see how i go.

Should i try and hide the charging board?

I see you. :smiley:

Done and dusted yay i will take more pics later today!

I fixed up a few things and i put hot snot on all connections for extra robustness and just in case factor seeing as i can not quickly open up the light.

Hot snot

Button is glued in place

The charging port looks crap here but it has wet glue on it here so i will take another pic later

Bonus you can see the charger working through the optics

I think this thread will be the end of BLF its so laggy lol!

Great song for the finally.

For those that skip my build thread till here.

Final update!

The final build specs are as follows

  • Tasmanian oak frame
  • Copper Sheets cut to size for the front and back
  • Held together by brass screws M3 size
  • Brass and copper heat sink i needed to fill a 22mm gap so i used a C8 pill and a S2+ spacer soldered together.
  • Mechanical clicky switch
  • LG HG2 18650
  • 18650 battery holder
  • Micro USB port
  • Convoy ramping driver 20mm size plus added heat sinking
  • Kaidomain triple LED setup using Nichia 219c with the stock optics.

My tools used where basic this time

I didn’t even start up Sandy (my belt sander) I did use my drill press as it has not been used in a while.

  • Screwdrivers
  • Saw
  • Vice
  • Sanding block (majority of sanding was done by hand as i couldn’t risk stuffing up my copper pieces). Ah yea this time i used a sanding block so it was flat lol.
  • Rotary tool ( Mainly to polish the copper plates and the screws till it caught and burnt my wood lol)
  • Drill press/ Drill
  • Chisel
  • Soldering iron and Heat gun
  • Knife/ razor cause i has no deburr tool
  • Hot glue gun

Well done Chris and nice polishing. I have a large box on its way to you full of tarnished torches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well done on completing your build :THUMBS-UP: