8.5 USD only for one pc red AAA mini flashlight limited quantity offer

Great news to all!
Brinyte now launches a big discount to the popular mini flashight M37, only 8.5USD for one pc (not including battery and shipping cost).

Features of M37

Very cool. I like the look and specs. I love little AAA lights. Red is not for me though. Are any other colors offered? I would buy one or two depending on colors.

Product link: https://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/M37-Portable-Torch-Mini-Size-AAA_1204615596.html

Black color is also available. But black one is not in promotion

I don’t like the specs.

300 lumens for 2 hours? 100 lumens for 4 hours? 50 lumens for 10 hours? Even with a 900mAh Eneloop Pro that still requires that either the XR-E was capable of 370 lumens per watt or there are some very aggressive stepdowns on all modes including the dimmest.

I’d pull the trigger on this one Just Because™, but I’m already hip-deep in AAA lights.

Red looks quite nice, though.

Amazed anyone still uses XR-Es as opposed to, say, even XP-E2s.

Wonder how many seconds it could sustain 300 lemons from a paltry AAA cell. They practically come out of the package pre-dead.

I could swear this looks like a Fenix LD01.

I agree with Parametrek… something seems fishy with those numbers. The Cree XR-E specs state a Max Efficacy of 99 lm/w. So to run at 300 lm, you’d need to be pushing at least 3 watts (probably more like 4). Discharging at 3 watts for 2 hours, that’s an overall power requirement of 6 watt-hours. A Eneloop Pro AAA runs around 1.2V and 950 mah… so just over 1 watt-hour. So in order for this to happen, the 300 (?) lumens would have to be a short burst, followed by a big step-down.

Yeah, there’s no way this thing is putting out 300 lumens, nor it is getting a “regulated” output on high for 4 hours. Of course, the ANSI specs don’t require a regulated output, so it could very well be down to 10% output at the end of 4 hours, and still be within specs.

But 300 lumens on a AAA battery? I have a hard time believing that. Maybe that’s the number if you stick a 10440 lithium-ion cell in it?

same as this;

and this in black;

have 2 of them, lots of low freq PWM on Low and Med.
No way 300 lumen even when running 10440, but does have nice low and mode memory even on strobe!
They were like $5 on Amazon one time.

Reminds me a lot of my trusty red Tank007 E09 that I’ve carried for years.

I have one of this, mine is branded “Odepro”. Very nice looking and red anodisation, good look because it is a Fenix LD01 clon. Good construction. And that is all. It has an old led, a horrible beam plenty of rings, and the driver barely endured a couple of disassemblings to change the led. Of course, plenty of PWM and far away of the announced specifications

How does this 2006 led compares to the newest generation leds?

About 12 years behind. Yeah, I’d be surprised if it can be driven to 300 lumens without overheating it in such a small tube. I think that’s quite a bit out of spec, isn’t it?