8 Degree MT-G2 Reflector

Don't get too excited. It's pretty big at d=79.85 and h=48.6. Both in mm.


Anyone have a light this will fit in?

Anyone know of a light this will fit in?

22,5 Cd/lm means that it would produce 45 klux/1m from 2000 lumens. Not bad but nothing fancy.

Is that not bad for an MT-G2 reflector or just not bad in general?

Not bad for MT-G2 but it’s not better than stock light with this emitter and probably slightly smaller reflectors.

i got one and i think i do have a head of a light that will fit it ill go check after dinner

Not better than which stock light?

it fits perfect in the harbor freight shower head light

This one?

Or this one?

Or a different one?

bottom one, Bucket take a M@G body and make a copper thread adapter and use a MT-G2 :)

PS:ill post the head and lens up for sale ill never use it

Cool. Thanks.