8*XHP-50.3 PCB from Cutter (Flashlight/reflector options?)

Available with 8x XHP-50.3 here (Cutter)

XHP50D(8) on 38mm Round Aluminium MCPCB 2 x 4 in series

I’d definitely be willing to start building something up from scratch, my J18 could be a likely candidate to get pulled apart, but am wondering if I am missing some already available solution? Mostly the reflector is going to be my challenge, as I don’t really know if any have the correct spacing. It would seem 9x reflector would be close, but I’d need more dimensions.

The price is naturally the most enticing as the most comparable light is currently the Imalent MS50 at $235 USD.

Aluminum. Push those the way we do and you’re out 8 emitters real quick.

Vinh has a MCPCB that fits something like 6 5050 LEDs in parallel

Good note! I didn’t consider the ramifications of the aluminum PCB. I suppose the plan is mostly for a high power efficiency light, so that may still be workable.

Does Vinh have a store?