80,000 mAh battery pack

80Ah battery pack in a size of portable HDD! Wow, have we been had by Pannys and its lame 3.4Ah rating… smack!


I’m gonna replace my 32Ah car battery with this, same Wh, but with 20kg less weight :smiley:

And my King will have 20hr runtime on high now. Woohoo! :bigsmile:

Best feature are the solar cells though. Can charge it up in only 3 months or so of perfect sunshine. :stuck_out_tongue:
I like the idea, even half the capacity would be nice in that formfactor.

It is obviously a typo. They meant 800000 mAh!

You are right! A factor ~10 exaggeration just isn’t good enough in today’s marketing. 100 is so much more nicer!
Would go nicely with my 1.4kW(pmpo) USB speakers.

Seems perfectly reasonable at, say 0.05V

It’s obviously a misprint… they meant to say 80,000 uAh