85 % of my entire flashlight collection. (photos)

I managed to take some photos of all the lights i have in the house and in the display cases.
The below photos are roughly 85 % of all my lights i have collected over the years. Not included in the photos are the many lights in the cars, the RV, at work, in the Garage, on keys, head-lights, etc. Also not included are the big spot lights. I counted this collection, and added roughly the numbers of lights i have elsewhere but not in the photos below, estimated roughly 320 lights. maybe i should sell some off. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very very nice collection. Was the better half out when you organised all this?

Yes at her sisters for the weekend. :bigsmile:

Wow, that's quite a collection. ;)

I got all excited because I read that as, "85 % off my entire flashlight collection."

If you keep this up, at some point in the future, you will have more flashlights than a reasonable person needs.

Whoaw….Impressive man :slight_smile:

make me an offer i can’t refuse :bigsmile:

i believe i’m long past that point.

I’d just like to say…… WTF!

edit: I’ll have to bookmark this for the next time my wife tells me I have too many flashlights. lol

Looks like a mighty fine shrine when looking at your pictures on a full screen.

I just spent 5 minutes amazed by your collection, One could get lost in Awe if they’re not careful. :Sp

Wow nice collection. So when are you gonna make a giveaway thread, i’ll be waiting for some of those. lol just kidding. :bigsmile:

Was it in Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid where Paul Newman said “The cost of the lights? Hell, the cost of the batteries alone would break you”.

Not showing any lights dangling from the ceiling ?


thanks for some pics that proof that i am not the craziest one :smiley:

holy crap!

Dib’s on any of your BIG light’s :wink: I’m serious !!! :heart_eyes: Just outstandingly amazing, 85%!! :open_mouth:

i think the 15% that is not in the picture is probably larger than mine is lol.

You have to leave it up till the wife get’s home, and video her expression! :open_mouth: It’s bound to be priceless!!! :open_mouth: Oh man LMAO!!! :bigsmile: