888th post GAW (mattlward WINNER!)

The price:

OK I liked the Dale GAW so will follow his example.

At the rate my postcount is going I am not in the position to do an expensive GAW every time so this one is different.

I have this strange dual Led, dual 18650 in series black flashlight.
It came with LB LEDs in a nice tint so they are removed.
It was supposed to work with 1 cell but it doesn’t.
It has a side switch.
Plastic lenses.
Stock had the same beampatern and reach as a Convoy C8.

The winner must make something from it.
Get it into working order, go bananas with it.

I have so much modding to learn and flashlights to mod that I do really like to see this strange thing come to life sooner then I will be able to do it.

The driver has low voltage cut off at 3,3V ( for a cheap $20 dual series flashlight this felt pretty nice/safe)

Why do I dare to offer this as a price?
Well as it is now even somebody with my newbie skills could get it going by just adding two LEDs on a star. Experienced modders can go wild.
So yeah rookies like me or people wanting to start modding can do it with this.

Some basic rules
1 Winner commits to make a working flashlight!

2 Winner shares the result

3 All BLF members can win.

4 If you have more ideas, post them in separate posts to get more chances of winning.

5 Spam this thread with 100 out of this world or down to earth ideas in separate posts to have 100 x chance of winning

6 Like an idea of somebody else? Put that in a post saying you want that idea to come true (with link to the post) and if your post number wins the winner is the post you linked to.

7 You like 3 ideas or more just post it as under 6

8 please support an idea once do not post more then once if you like an idea from 1 user. However if the same idea is posted by more people and you prefer one to do it but are curious how the other would do it, sure make a supporting post for both (I trust you on this, us being such nice community! ;))

9 post an idea once, want more chances of winning? Come up with a new idea. (I trust you on this like in 8 ;))

10 have the same idea as somebody else? Want to do another ones idea? Cool post it (would be cool to credit the poster you saw it from ;))

11 post also simple plans like only putting in two new LEDs preflowed on a star.

12 maybe these “rules” need a little tweaking, let me know.

13 maybe these “rules” are going to be tweaked a little.

11 when I make my 888th post I browse to random.org and post the results in the second post.

mattlward congrats!
I PM you now.

I’ll put two MT-G2’s in it in parallel with A fet driver.
Using two good cells I should get some decent amps.

These rules are strange…

I would put in an RGB led in one reflector and a white led in the other and drive it from an RGBW driver. I think….

I think that I would put two different LED’s in it; One for flood, the other for throw.

Both would be individually activated.

That is my sane choice of mods.

For the insane mod….;

I would use one of the heads to house a small intake fan, which would pull in air to cool the head assembly.

The other head would have something fairly big & over-driven in it, possibly MT-G2.

Oh, thanks for the interesting giveaway!! :slight_smile:

Two xpl-HI’s and fet driver

Two xhp-50’s and a zener mod fet driver.

Two MTG2’s and a zener fet driver would probably be better for throw since it has medium sized reflectors.

Since it would be a first effort at modding, I would just try the simple 2 LEDs install.

Clicky switch or momentary? Driver size?

My first thought is one side gets a dedomed xpg2 and the other an xml2 to attempt a floody thrower, similar to what FmC posted.

Not sure if the head is big enough but in one side a triple, nichia 219c, and in the other a dedomed xpg2 for max thow.

I would send it to Old Lumens to work his magic, and knowing him it would get given away after that in amazing lumen output form

My idea would be a pure hunting light. One XP-E2 in Red and another in Green. The driver would take some doing to get the one switch to operate each led independent. Basically a red light for scanning then hit the button to light em’ up with the green and pull the trigger. Great for hunting predators like coyotes and other nuisance animals.

I’d try first, dropping in the 2-led board I have in the parts bin (was meant to go into a bicycle light, but they crushed it in shipping, so I’ll have to reflow another LED onto one side of it.

2 6V LEDs with 2 BLF Fet+1 drivers

I’m in, because I like unusual lights.
One straight forward approach would be a buck driver, such as an LD29 and the two LEDs in parallel. XP-L HI would be good. The hard part would be choosing a high current buck driver.

An other would be a zener moded. regulating driver such as a Qlite or a BLF A6 and the LEDs in series. That would be brighter with Nichia 219Cs for low forward voltage.

I’d prolly throw in a couple short arc lamps and rig a portable generator to the aluminum frame of an old Mont Blanc backpack I have out in the barn. If that didn’t work, then maybe 2 XPLs.